The Cycle: Frontier Nutritional Bar Location Guide

The Nutritional Bar is a rare and hard-to-find item. It spawns in a locked locker, which you must open with a key. Nutritional Bars can also be found in some civilian refrigerators and lockers. However, you may not be able to find them in all locations.

Nutrion Farms

The most common location to find Nutrion Farms nutritional bars is in the Comms Tower, but you can also find them in other places, such as Hay Fields, Pinnacle Labs, and Crescent Falls. You will need to have a server access key to open these lockers, and they can be stolen by other players. However, this is not always the case. It is possible to find nutrition bars on the Dig Site, but this location is rare.

If you are not familiar with this location, you can refer to the map below. In addition to the map, you can use the search feature in the game to find a specific location in the game. The locations are highlighted on the map so you can find them easily. If you’re unable to find the location where you’re looking, you can also check other guides in the game.

Wood Cutter Camp

One of the hardest items to obtain in The Cycle: Frontier is the Nutritional Bar. It spawns in locked lockers and must be unlocked using a key. They are not available in all locations, however. Look for them inside of civilian lockers or freezers. Hopefully this guide will help you find them.

The most common location for finding a Nutritional Bar is the Comms Tower. There, you will need the server access key to open it. Once inside, you will find the bar in a yellow locker. It is also sometimes located in the Lagoon and Jungle Camp. Although this location is often the best spot for Nutritional Bar spawns, it is not guaranteed to be there.


Nutritional bars can be found at several locations throughout the game. One of the most common places to find them is in the Lagoon. You can also find them in other locations such as the Jungle Camp, Wood Cutter Camp, and the Dig Site. Crescent Falls is also a popular location to find them.

Lagoon has food stands and restaurants in its Carousel Plaza. Food stands include Dippin’ Dots Central, Polar Ice, Mexican Hat, and Carousel Pizza. Other popular options include Smokin’ Eddie’s, which serves chicken strips, fries, and icee.

Jungle Camp

If you’re looking to earn more Faction Points and increase your rank, you need to eat a Nutritional Bar. Each bar costs 506 K-Marks and gives you five Faction Points. The best place to get them is in the Lagoon. Here are some tips that can help you get more Nutritional Bars.

The most obvious location for a Nutritional Bar is Nutrion Farms, but they can be found in many locations as well. Other possible locations include Hay Fields, Pinnacle Labs, Greens Prospect, and Starport Admin. If you are struggling to find a Nutritional Bar, don’t give up!

The location of the Jungle Camp is ideal for wildlife-watching. It is a short walk from the Turia Gate of the Pench National Park, and offers free Wi-Fi throughout. In addition, the resort features a restaurant with a daily buffet breakfast and free vegetarian options. Other amenities include an outdoor pool, free parking, and a free airport shuttle. The front desk also offers concierge services and dry cleaning.

Dig Site

The Dig Site is located north-east of the Bright Sands map. Here you will encounter monsters at low levels. You can deal with them with the standard kit. The Dig Site contains three different battery stations. Use the Antiquarian’s Eye to find the right one. Head west and go up the stairs. Turn right at the last step. You should then find the second battery.

Another place to find a Nutritional Bar is inside a civilian locker in a civilian building. However, this location is hard to find. In addition, it is locked, so you must obtain the appropriate key to open it. However, you should know that the Dig Site has several locations for the nutritional bar, including the Waterfall Lab and Wood Cutter Camp.

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