The Gold Quarter 2002

The Gold Quarter 2002 is the official US gold bullion coin. It has a face value of $10 and was one of 62,027 coins produced that year. The coin’s obverse design shows the image of Lady Liberty by Augustus Saint-Gaudens, with fifty stars representing each state. On the reverse, an American Eagle holds an olive branch. The coin’s weight in troy ounces is guaranteed.

If you have an esoteric interest in coins, then you’ve probably seen ads for this new coin issue. These ads often feature a special offer to purchase a “premium” Platinum State Quarter. These coins are rare and often deemed to be an investment. The marketing companies usually offer collections of four or five quarters for $15 plus shipping. Buying one of these coins is a great way to become a proud owner of the latest American currency.

If you’d like to own a piece of gold, you can consider purchasing a $2.50 or $10 gold coin. This type of coin is called a bullion coin and its value varies with the value of gold. You’ll find a silver coin with a value equal to its melt value, and a gold quarter that weighs a quarter ounce has a value that fluctuates with the price of gold. This coin is known as an AGE by collectors, and its ounce weight is equal to its melt value.

Moreover, you’ll be able to get a lot of money for a gold quarter if it’s in excellent condition. An SP-67 or SP-70 gold quarter can fetch you up to six hundred dollars, while a gold-plated quarter is worth several hundred. If you’re planning to buy one, be sure to keep in mind that gold-plated quarters are not worth anything unless they’re made from pure gold, so you should pay close attention to them.

Uncirculated coins of the 2002 year have a good value. Uncirculated 2002 state quarters are worth between $0.35 and $17. In addition to these, the 1878 and 1839 Proof Liberty Seated quarters, both of which have drapery, are worth at least a couple of hundred dollars each. Similarly, the 2004-D Wisconsin Extra Leaf Quarter is worth $0.40 cents in uncirculated condition. If you’re planning to buy gold-plated quarters, you’ll be glad to know that JM Bullion carries these.

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