The Locked Treasure Chest in MHR Sunbreak

The Locked Treasure Chest in MHR Sunbreak is a DLC that can be unlocked in the game by completing certain tasks. To get it, you will need to engage in The Backroom Deals, get the letter of introduction, and find the locked treasure chest. To open it, you will need to be a master rank 4, and then complete the quest Locked Treasure Chest.


If you are playing Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak, you may have noticed a new mechanic called Argosy. This shop-like feature lets players trade items with each other using Kamura Points. In addition to granting players Trade Requests, Argosy also gives them a slight chance to obtain Locked Treasure Chests.

The Locked Treasure Chest is available to players when they have reached Master Rank 4 and speak with Argosy. However, you cannot open it yourself; you have to send a buddy to get the item. You can also use the Backroom Deals option to send your buddy on an expedition to find this chest.

Secret armor sets

In the Monster Hunter: Sunbreak expansion, there are three secret armor sets that players can unlock. These sets are some of the most beautiful and impressive in the game. They are especially useful for the Elgado spirit, pirate captain, and trader character classes. In addition, these sets can be upgraded to master rank variants. Players who aren’t interested in master rank can still get their hands on them, though.

Players can unlock these sets by completing requests in Elgado. For example, the Arena Master Arlow will request that you master rank Bazelgeuse to unlock the Commission set. This will allow you to get a set of armor that is similar to the Handler set in Monster Hunter World.

To unlock these armor sets, players need to complete a quest that requires them to complete the corresponding quests in the game. They can do this by completing quests that involve Meowcenaries, as well as by completing the main story or by helping out in Elgado Outpost.

In addition to quests and achievements, players can also get these items by forging them. Players can use the Barbania Set to craft various items. However, unlike the other armor sets, it has less than optimal characteristics. Players can also trade for them through Backroom Deals, which grants the player a slight chance to obtain Locked Treasure Chests when using Trade Requests.

A Locked Treasure Chest is a new item in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak. They are extremely difficult to open because of their heavy lock. They are a rarity 8 item. To unlock them, players must be Master Rank 4 and speak to Argosy. They can also send their friends on expeditions to go and get these items.

Melding pudding

If you’ve been trying to find the Melding Pudding for a while now, but haven’t found any, you can always make use of the Backroom Deal feature. After you clear a quest, you can use this feature to get random rewards, including the Melding Pudding. Alternatively, you can also use the Trade Requests tab in the Argosy menu to get random rewards, including the Meldable Pudding.

Getting the Melding Pudding in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak is simple, provided you know how to get it. It can be found in two main places. The first one is to complete a Master Rank story question, or by speaking with Nagi the Buddy Agent. You can also get the Melding Pudding by hunting monsters.

The second method is to use the MP Accelerant. This item gives you a boost in MP, which allows you to complete talisman melds instantly. You can also use Melding Pudding to craft certain items, including Endgame Armor Sets and Weapon Sets.

The third way to get Melding Pudding is to open submarines. These submarines have limited slots, so the faster you can unlock them, the more likely you’ll get to use them. They also help you gather other materials. In addition to that, you’ll be able to find Melding Pudding faster if you open them all.

Melding Pudding is an Rarity 8 Melding Material that can be used on most Melding Methods. However, it’s best to use it on Anima Melding, since it’s the only way to get Rarity 10 Talisman, which you’ll need to complete a post-credits challenge in Monster Hunter: Sunbreak.

MP Accelerant

The MP Accelerant can be used to instantly complete talisman melds. It is an item found in the Locked Treasure Chest MHR Sunbreak. This item can be traded or sold for zenny. It is one of the most important items in the game.

The MP Accelerant can be obtained in a variety of ways. Some of these items are crafted in the Kamura Village, while others are found in the Backroom Deals mechanic. Activating this mechanic can allow your Buddy to return to the game with items like Melding Pudding and MP Accelerant.

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