An Explanation Of The Lost Ark Battle Pass Leak Using Korean Tiers And Prices

With the help of Korean tiers and prices, the LOST ARK BATTLE PASS LEAK is explained. Callum Smith is a young man from the United Kingdom. Although it is possible that the Lost Ark Battle Pass has been leaked, it is already available on Korean servers in various tiers and at various prices.

This is a hugely popular free-to-play game that has amassed a large following of players over the course of its existence. If you’re looking for some rewards, there are some new Twitch Drops available between April 13th and May 9th, each of which contains a Unicorn Mount selection chest. While it is certain that you will want to obtain a unicorn by following a streamer for two hours, fans are divided on whether or not a pass was leaked.

How to get April 2022 Twitch Drops in order to receive a colorful Unicorn Mount in The Lost ARK


A possible leak of the Ark of the Covenant Battle Pass has been discovered in an official video from the game’s YouTube channel.

The video is titled PvP Proving Grounds, and at 1:07, viewers will notice a message in the top right corner of the screen that reads ‘Ark Pass.’However, the scheme has been available in Korea since 2021, despite the fact that it is not mentioned in the developer’s April and May release schedules.

The inclusion of such a scheme has caused consternation among fans. Although some people are receptive to the idea, others, such as YouTuber Asmongold, Cheap Lost Ark gold are more skeptical. The most common concern expressed by detractors is that the game will become pay-to-win.

Despite the fact that there is nothing else to the leak, we can take a look at the scheme that is already in place in Korea. 

Since 2021, a battle pass has been available in Lost Ark for Korea, and it is divided into three tiers with varying cheap lost ark gold price points.

In addition to the free basic level, cheap lost ark gold there are three premium levels to choose from Premium ($19,600), Super Premium ($49,200), and Ultimate ($49,200). It is stated that you must be level 50 or higher to purchase the Super Premium, and each tier includes daily missions that award experience points and rewards as you progress through the tiers.

All of these prices have been obtained through the game’s Korean website. There are also pictures of what to expect on the website as well. According to a screenshot posted on the game’s forums, the Battle Pass has levels that reach at least 30.

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