The World Of Directional Speakers

If you have been wondering how Focusonics directional speakers work, you’ve come to the right place. These speakers are based on person recognition and can be installed next to or above specific products to transmit relevant information to customers. These speakers can also be placed near or above exhibits for targeted information to visitors. Whether you’re in a museum or a retail store, the directional speakers from Focusonics are sure to enhance your experience.

Use Case 1:

The Focusonics(r) Model A Directionals Speaker is designed to provide localized sound reproduction in a specific location. It can be placed above a product to relay information relevant to a specific customer segment or above an artwork to direct visitors’ attention. Its compact design prevents acoustic interference, making it a great choice for digital signage and targeted public address systems.

The Focusonics(r) Model A Directionals Speaker is a state-of-the-art directional speaker that uses ultrasonic waves to generate sound. This technology makes it possible to hear sound up to tens of meters away. This feature is similar to the laser in the light world, which uses light to focus its energy.

The Focusonics(r) Model A Directionals Speaker features a single driver with a concentric cone. The whizzer is glued to the voice coil and extends the sound beam to higher frequencies. It also features a re-entrant speaker that can be aimed at a specific area.

Focusonics(r) Model A Directionals Speaker offers a wide range of applications and uses. Its array of piezoelectric ultrasonic transducers creates a sound beam that points in a specific direction, just like a laser beam. This technology has vast applications in museums, retail stores, and exhibits.

Use Case 2:

A Focusonics(r) directional speaker is a powerful tool for digital signage, including retail environments. These speakers help attract attention, localize sound, and present personalized promotions. The company sells two different models – the larger Model A for longer-range operations, and the smaller Model B for shorter-range applications. For more information, visit the Focusonics website.

Using ultrasonic waves, Focusonics(r) directional speakers generate a constrained, narrow beam of sound that can reach far-away audiences. This technology allows users to hear sound from tens of meters away, unlike conventional speakers. This is especially helpful for targeted public address systems.

Use Case 3:

A directional speaker is an important part of a public address system. These speakers are a smart way to draw attention from a distance, and they’re great for digital signage as well. They can help you attract attention, localize sound, and present personalized promotions. Focusonics directional speakers are available in two models: the larger Model A is used for long-range operations, while the smaller Model B is perfect for short-range use. To learn more about this great product, visit Focusonics’ website.

A Focusonics directional speaker is especially useful in museum and gallery installations where visitors can easily hear relevant information. You can install the speaker right next to an exhibit to give visitors an interactive experience. Using the speaker for such purposes eliminates the background noise and allows for an attention-grabbing experience for your visitors. Click here for more.

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