V Rising Guide – How to Get Quartz in V Rising

In order to advance in V Rising, you will need to gather a lot of resources and stock them up. One of these resources is Quartz, which is very important for the end-game. This guide will teach you where and how to farm Quartz and what bosses to kill to get a lot of it.

Dawnbreak Village

If you’re not familiar with where to find Quartz, you can find it on the left side of the map. There are a number of random spots that contain Quartz. You can also try mining it for the same materials that you use in crafting. Once you have a supply of Quartz, you can refine it to produce glass and other useful items.

When mining quartz, remember to always carry a Holy Resistance Flask or Potion. These will help you remove the debuff. If you don’t use these items, your Human Form will break and reveal you to the entire monastery. It’s best to gather Quartz as much as possible in one visit, as it will be useful later in the game.

As a crafting material, quartz is a valuable material for players in V Rising. You’ll need it to create various types of gear in the late game. Generally, you should make one quartz farm run every half hour to get the maximum amount of quartz you need. However, if you don’t have enough time to do so, you can try raiding Dawnbreak Village to find more quartz.

If you don’t have a horse, you can borrow one from a local to speed up the process. You can also design a route where you can hit quartz nodes as you pass. This will save you time and money and will make farming more efficient. Just be sure to keep your eyes open!

In addition to raiding, players can farm for Quartz at the Quartz nodes scattered throughout the map. You can also farm for Quartz at Dunley Farmlands and Mosswick Village. However, make sure to be geared up before venturing, as these areas have a lot of dangerous enemies that will quickly kill you if you’re not properly geared.

In V Rising, you’ll have to be able to collect more quartz and use it to craft more powerful items. While it’s true that there are a number of crafting materials, the best ones to farm for quartz are the ones that are available at Mosswick Village. These locations are heavily guarded by hostile mobs. The northern part of Mosswick is where you can find most of the Quartz. The only problem with this location is that there are only a few nodes you can harvest at. However, if you’re a Vampire, you can earn a large amount of Quartz by killing enemies.

Although you can find quartz in any rocks, it’s easy to overlook this resource. This is because every rock contains only a small amount of it. Moreover, the amount of quartz you can find on the ground is usually insufficient for crafting. However, in V Rising, you’ll need to craft more items with higher amounts of quartz than what you’re able to gather from the ground.

Dunley Monastery

In V Rising, there are many different crafting materials to be found. One of these materials is Quartz, which can be used to create many different items. Although every rock contains a small amount of quartz, you’ll need to find a few more to craft items. However, there are several ways to get the quartz you need.

The first way is to farm it from certain locations. You can farm Quartz from the Dunley Monastery, Mosswick Village, Cursed Forest, and Silverlight Hills. This resource is extremely rare, and is needed for many of the late game items in V Rising. The other way to get Quartz is to craft items that can give you a massive amount of items.

Once you have a large amount of quartz, you can make a lot of different types of weapons and armors. You can also craft glass with it. However, this type of material is not as easy to farm as other crafting materials. This means that you must be able to farm it for a long time in order to get enough of it.

Another way to farm Quartz is to loot it from enemies. There are some enemies in the game that drop Glass, but they are harder to kill. In general, you need at least 20 quartz in order to craft a pane of glass. To do this, you’ll need a good Holy Resistance, so you can make the best use of your resources.

There are several locations in V rising where you can find the rare Quartz. It can be looted from the Dunley Farmlands, Dawnbreak Village, and Dunley Monastery. Additionally, it can be looted from the Silverlight Hills and Cursed Forest. Those are the three main locations where you can get the rare mineral.

You can farm quartz at Quartz nodes scattered throughout the map. However, the best location to farm this material is probably around Dunley Farmland and Mosswick Village. In this location, you’ll find a few clusters scattered around. You can also farm the quartz around the Dunley Monastery and Dawnbreak Village. Getting 20 quartz stones from these places will give you a glass pan.

Quartz is a necessary resource for crafting. You need this resource to create glass bottles and windows in your castle. It is also used in potions and concoctions. Therefore, keeping a steady supply of quartz is essential for the success of your crafting in V Rising. It’s not easy to obtain, but there are some places in V Rising where you can find Quartz.


In V Rising, you can find a lot of resources, including reagents, that can help you craft useful items or upgrade your weapons. Quartz is one of the most important reagents, as you can use it to make glass. To get quartz, you must first defeat Christina the Sun Priestess. After killing her, you will be able to get 20 pieces of quartz, which can be used to make glass.

You can also find quartz in stone fields. You can find these ores in the northeast part of the map, along the eastern side of Farbane Woods. Keep in mind that you will not always find quartz in these areas, so be careful when you’re mining for quartz. Regardless of where you find this precious resource, you must be careful not to damage your gear, as it is often very dangerous.

If you want to get the most quartz for crafting purposes, you should head to Dunley Monastery. It can yield 1000 Quartz in under five minutes, but you need to make sure to drink a Holy Resistant potion while farming there. Otherwise, you’ll continuously take damage, which will deplete your armor durability.

Once you have enough quartz, you can refine it to Glass, which has many uses. This makes it crucial for crafting items later on in the game. Glass is also used to create powerful items, such as Scourgestones. So, although Quartz itself isn’t very useful, it’s still an important crafting material in V Rising.

As you can see, farming for quartz can be a difficult task in V Rising, but with the right strategy, you can easily gather the necessary amount. Fortunately, V Rising has several different ways to get quartz, and you can use these methods to complete the game. If you’re unsure of where to farm for quartz, consider checking out some other V rising guides.

You can farm for quartz at numerous nodes scattered around the map. However, the best place to farm for it is Dunley Farmland. Other places to farm for quartz include Dunley Monastery, Mosswick Village, and Dawnbreak Village. It’s important to remember that Quartz respawns after a day or two.

The best way to get quartz is to farm for it and loot it from enemies. You can farm quartz in V Rising by exploring the Dunley Farmlands and the Dunley Monastery, located in Vardoran. It’s not as easy as it sounds, so you’ll want to make sure you have Holy Resistance and some Holy Resistance consumables.

When you get enough Quartz, you can use it to craft items. This resource is used to craft a variety of items, including elixirs, potions, and weapons. You can also use it to craft glass.

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