Valorant: Top 10 Best Classic Skins

Valorant is very infamous for the amount of detailed design that they put in their animation and skins. Valorant is an FPS game that was released in the year 2020 by Riot Games and had some great visual graphics (provided you’re PC can handle the graphics settings and not burst into flames). From pistols to bolt-action snipers, there’s something for everyone. And although some skins do not necessarily live up to the mark, there have been very rare cases.

The most common and basic gun of the game is a classic pistol. It’s a free gun that is given to everyone. Classic can be inaccurate when you try to continuously fire but can be pretty great because of the right-click burst fire. In this article, we would be discussing the best top 10 classic skins in Valorant and ranking them.

10. Pistolinha Classic

Screenshot 2023 06 12 213830

Commonly known as the Raze classic as you can achieve this classic skin by completing the agent contract of Raze. The gun has very graffiti-ish colors with a mix of orange as the prime color and subtle hints of green which is also the color code for Raze and her abilities. It may be an effortless skin in comparison to some of the other skins here on the list but it is a people’s favorite so we just had to include it in the list here.

9. Songsteel Classic

Screenshot 2023 06 12 213852

Songsteel classic has this elegant vibe to it that just catches people’s attention. It has this medieval weapon essence to it that just makes it worthy of being on the list as it is just that good. It doesn’t have any animation or any finisher or effects, but still beats most of the classics and ranks up to the list today.

8. Radiant Crisis Classic

Screenshot 2023 06 12 213921

Radiant Crisis is a very underrated skin collection in my opinion. It is such a good skin and people have been sleeping on it. The comical animations it provides are funny and overall great to play with. Even the finisher itself is so good that the last enemy to die just launches right off into the sky with a comical trail behind them. Valorant most definitely succeeded in giving the vibe to that skin.

7. Cryostasis Classic

Screenshot 2023 06 12 213957

The fairly recent collection that was added to the game. The icy battleground skin has great animation and sound effects the skin has is great. The max upgraded skin effect has some great animations from the gun freezing to this icy metal gun when you pull out. The finisher of the gun has this cool icy blast finisher which is a great addition to the game. Overall you can say the gun is really “cool”.

6. Gravitational Uranium Blaster Classic

Screenshot 2023 06 12 214034

Gravitational Uranium Blaster Classic has this outer space war vibe which is nice and the sound effect of the bullets makes it an overall great skin collection. It seems like small laser beams getting shot from the gun when you shoot it. Overall even though the skin has received some backlash, personally, the skin is amazing and is worth it.

5. Forsaken Classic

Screenshot 2023 06 12 214051

Forsaken’s entire skin collection has such mysterious old temple vibes that add a great effect on the battlefield. Forsaken provides a great sound effect to the gun skin and the last kill finisher has these ominous crows flying that make it seem as if the body is being perished into these birds. Hence, forsaken deserves to be on the top 5 spots in today’s list.

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4. Spectrum Classic

Screenshot 2023 06 12 214118

I cannot stress how great the spectrum collection is. The entire collection has pushed Valorant’s VFX team to its limits. The collection is a collaboration between DJ Zedd and Valorant and has these cool DJ effects on the skin. Even when you inspect the gun there’s this cool music playing which makes a great gaming experience. The finisher just simply has to be the best in the game. The entire field just lights up into this huge rave and is so cool. Spectrum is just too good and undeniably deserves to be on the 4th spot of today’s list.

3. RGX Classic

Screenshot 2023 06 12 214149

RGX provides a very bold mechanical form of skin view which is honestly so good. Something about RGX’s sound effects is just way too good, it’s like this heavy mechanically advanced machinery sound which sounds great. When you inspect the gun, the light rod switches between colors and provides a cool overall effect. RGX’s finisher has these 3 conical rods surrounding the last enemy which looks cool.

2. Prime Classic

Screenshot 2023 06 12 214206

I had second thoughts about placing Prime in the second spot instead of the 1st but just had to. Prime is such a sleek skin both looks and design wise as well as the sound it makes when you fire bullets. The entire skin collection in general is so good and has to be one of the best in the game. Prime Classic has a great animation with the reloading animation being one of the best in the game. The finish is also great with a bull tackling the last enemy’s body. Overall, just one of the best skin experiences in the game.

1. Glitchpop Classic

Screenshot 2023 06 12 214232

And we have made it to the end of the list. The only Glitchpop classic undeniably deserves the 1st spot on today’s list for numerous reasons. Glitchpop has one of the most sophisticated animations and designs. The urban Asian skin that is also kind of inspired by Japan’s infamous urban areas is just too good. Glitchpop’s reload animations, inspect animations as well as finisher animation is just on point and so flattering. The gun even sounds so satisfying that it provides such a great experience and hence, is on top of the list.


With this, we conclude our ranking of Valorant’s classic skins. There are some of the agent skins that are also quite attractive such as the Chamber classic which was very much the hype until it died down. Let us know which skins you think deserve to be on the top or which skins you think should be involved.