Valorant: Top 10 Best Ghost Skins (2023)

Valorant is a 5v5 character-based game. The game has some really good visuals and graphic designs. Although the game has been fairly recent, it has great graphic optimization as well as detail quality depending on your graphic settings. There are around 5 gun categories in the game as of now which include pistols, sub-machine guns, assault rifles, bolt-action sniper, and light machine guns. The first round as we know consists of pistols and one of the prime picks during the pistol game has to be: The Ghost.

Ghost is a silenced Desert Eagle as one might know and has great accuracy rates and is often bought either during save rounds or in the pistol rounds. Great accuracy and headshots can result in 1 shot kill as 1st round, not many people have armor. Like most silenced guns, Ghost also has a damage difference when you hit from a certain range. It does a headshot damage of 105 between the range of 0-30m and a headshot damage of 87 between the distance range of 30-50m.

Either way, it can do great damage and can help out greatly. It’s not a big secret that Valorant has an extensive set of gun skins varying in each gun. The exciting part about gun skins is the animations, of course, especially the ones with the last kill effect. In this article, we would be discussing the best ghost skins that are in Valorant.

10. Piedra del sol Ghost

Screenshot 2023 05 04 232651

Piedra del Sol ghost is a classic battle pass skin that has this ancient monumental look to it with artifacts carved on the gun with pastel colors. Although it is a battle pass ghost, it has been remarkably better than most battle pass skins. With no finishers and no animations, it still has made it to this list just because of its pure looks of it.

9. Endeavour Ghost

Screenshot 2023 05 04 232442

Endeavor Ghost may seem very simple but the sleek design of it and the color combinations seem just satisfying for no apparent reason. Also, for some reason, the endeavor ghost just sounds great and the futuristic vibe that the gun gives is great. Hence, it’s ranked 9th on the list.

8. Infantry Ghost

Screenshot 2023 05 04 232558

Infantry collection seems like a very survival type of skin with the looks and vibe that it gives, however, that doesn’t make it any less of a great skin. With the old gun looks of it, it provides a great feel as if it’s in a real battle and has been crafted at the field itself.

7. Valorant GO Ghost

Screenshot 2023 05 04 233144

Very honestly, I feel like the Valorant GO collection has been a little overrated, but it still serves great with the agent designs, it is very classic Valorant-esque skin, which is great and honestly does indeed go with the theme. Despite the top reviews it got, I feel like it would’ve been better with some more graphical designs. Overall, still a great skin as the Sage print over the gun does look great.

6. Recon Ghost

Screenshot 2023 05 04 232942

The entire Recon skin collection is underrated in my opinion. People tend to overlook it just for the fact that it doesn’t have any kill animations or any sort of animation but the sound as well as the banner is so good. Recon ghost just sounds different and the kill sound is yet another reason to get it. With the modern military looks that it gives off, it deserves to be on the list most definitely.

5. Magepunk Ghost

Screenshot 2023 05 04 233025

Coming straight from a laboratory with scientists experimenting to involving the power of magical technology in guns is what the Magepunk Ghost feels like. Magepunk has 4 variants and every single one of them is applauded for its design and amount of detail and animation. Even the finisher is great with a chamber surrounding the last enemy kill. Overall the Magepunk ghost is great and has been designed well.

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4. Ruination Ghost

Screenshot 2023 05 04 232857

Ruination Ghost with its ghostly mystical ancient God wars with magical powers vibes is just immaculate to play with. Seems like the ancient dark lord just summoned the gun to defeat the enemies with the most power possible in any scenario, that’s what the Ruination ghost feels like. Ruination’s kill animations and the sound effects as well as the finisher seem to be so good that it’s undeniable in the top 5 spots.

3. Reaver Ghost

Screenshot 2023 05 04 233006

With this, we enter the top 3 spots in the Ghost list. Reaver’s entire skin collection has this underworld secret society or dark magic and everything about it seems so mysterious. Reaver is no doubt a mass favorite and undeniably it does deserve the recognition that it’s getting and has been a great skin collection. Reaver 2.0 has increased its hype even more with more guns having the Reaver variant. Reaver has a great sound effect as well as an amazing last-kill effect. With that, we place Reaver as the 3rd best Ghost in the game.

2. Gaia’s Vengeance

Screenshot 2023 05 04 233049
Screenshot 2023 05 04 233049

Gaia’s Vengeance has been a criminally underrated skin collection. Everything about Gaia’s vengeance seems so good, especially the finisher is so good the tree spawning at the last kill’s place is such a great detail and effects added by Riot. The Ghost especially has this crystal-like look to it and the sound of the bullets is so satisfying. With that Gaia’s Vengeance has to be the 2nd best Ghost Skin.

1. Sovereign Ghost

Screenshot 2023 05 04 233117

Is it even a surprise that the Sovereign Ghost has to be the best in the game? The sleek design of the gun alongside the bullet sounds is just way more than pleasant to use. With the effects of the gun itself and the design, it is very obvious how good this skin is and how satisfying it is to use this gun. With its angelic looks of the guns and seems like it has wings that can carry you to victory (too much of a reach?). And hence, Sovereign Ghost is the best Ghost skin in the game.


With that, we conclude our article about the best Ghost skins in the game. These are fair opinions and might be different for everyone else, however, you would have to agree on the first spot though.