8 Website Popup Mistakes That Kill Your Conversions

Popups are a great way to increase your conversion rate. However, not all popups are created equal. Most people will automatically close the popup once they spot one. This is a huge problem because it means you’re losing out on conversions you could be getting. Keep reading to learn what are pop ups and how to solve these problems that kill your conversion by educating yourself about these 8 mistakes listed below.

Condescending Call-To-Action Buttons

Many companies that offer popup services outsource their popups to inexperienced designers. These inexperienced designers make the wrong call-to-action buttons, which in turn makes using popups more difficult.

Some call-to-action buttons are too hard to click on. This makes them a big turn off for most people. They feel like you are trying to trick them into doing something wrong, which is not good for conversion. To avoid this mistake, use a Call-To-Action Button that is clearly visible and easy to click on.

Too Many Input Fields

The idea behind having many input fields is to make the popup more complicated than it needs to be. However, this actually has the opposite effect. Instead of confusing your visitors and making them think you are running a scam, simply eliminate all the unnecessary fields in your popup.

That is why nothing is worse than going to a website and filling out 15 fields just to download an ebook, for example. This makes most people close the popup without even entering one piece of information. You need a simple form that asks for only the essential fields that are needed.

Bad Popup Timing

If you are planning to use popups and get a little technical, you need to make sure your popups run at the right time. This means they should be pushed out when a user is most likely to scroll the site for a minute or two. For example, if you want your popup to appear when someone is in the checkout process, it must be placed right before the payment page or as soon as they start filling out their information.

On top of that, you need to make sure that your popup doesn’t end up being pushed out too soon. You don’t want to interrupt your buyer before he decides to buy from you because going through all the fields just got annoying.

Poor Pictures Or Animation

The worst thing you can do is use an ugly picture or animation on your popup. You are basically inviting users to close or abandon the popup before they have even seen it. The great thing about pop-ups is that they give you a great chance to craft delightful messages and images. Being able to do this will get your conversions soaring through the roof.

Impossible Close Buttons

This is a mistake that is made by most website owners who know nothing about popups. If you want to maximize your conversion rate, you need to provide a close button that’s actually close to being reachable.

It’s not enough to just place the close button near the top right corner of your popup. Users will just scroll past if they see a small rectangle in an annoying color. If you make it impossible for people to get rid of the popup, they will either leave your site or abandon their shopping cart altogether.

Poor Targeting Or No Targeting At All

The easiest way to create a popup that’s doomed to fail is to have it targeted at the wrong audience. You must identify the person who will satisfy your needs and then go for them using popups. If you don’t know that particular person, you are probably wasting your time with popups.

First of all, you need to make sure you do proper research about your buyers’ demographics. You can also use a tool like Google Analytics to figure out what kind of people visit your site and how they browse it. In addition, you can use other tools to find out which kind of people might be interested in your product.

No Teaser

As mentioned earlier, you will get the most out of popups if you use them as a way to tease your visitors. If a user wants information, why not give it to them in small pieces? It’s better than just waiting for days or weeks before they get their hands on any useful information. The best way to do this is to have your popup deliver a short message or teaser that immediately captures the reader’s attention.

Deceptive Popups

Many website owners make this extremely common mistake when running popups for the first time. A deceptive popup covers part of the webpage and then just stops. It makes for a really bad experience for your visitors as it tricks them into thinking that the popups are gone.

The best thing you can do is just make sure the popups never cover the entire page. Instead, leave a small gap between each popup to maintain the illusion that they are actually part of your site content. This way, users will be more likely to stick around and spend longer on your site. If you don’t, they will most likely just end up closing it or hopping on another website because they’re suspicious of your company’s motives.

The Bottom Line

Popups work great if they’re used properly and added with a little creativity and thought into them. However, make sure you avoid these mistakes to maximize your conversion rate and make the most out of popups.

The easiest way to effectively use popups is to get into the mindset of your buyer. What do they care about? What do they enjoy doing? Are they looking for an easy solution to their problem? If you can answer these questions, getting the desired results will be a breeze.

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