What is an Organelle Quizlet?

In this what is an organelle quizlet, you’ll learn how organelles produce energy and perform other functions within the body. Most organelles are not surrounded by membranes, but some do. A prominent organelle is the lysosome, which converts nutrients into ATP. Some organelles are even solid structures, like the Golgi Complex. These are made of cholesterol and phospholipids, and are designed to be rigid and able to withstand pressure.

A cell’s nucleus is the most important organelle. It contains the genetic material and takes up about one-tenth of the cell’s volume. Organelles are often difficult to identify, but they are a necessary part of the cell. The word organelle comes from the idea that cells are organs that contain DNA and other materials needed for life. Organelles also produce proteins and transfer genetic information from one cell to another.

The mitochondrion is a specialized cell that has two membranes. One membrane has a single function, while the other contains several different functions. It contains the DNA, which determines which organelles perform different functions in a cell. The mitochondrion contains many parts, including the enzymes and hormones produced by the cell. The specialized cells in the body can be grouped into four main types.

Among these, chloroplasts are the most important organelles in plants, as they are spherical structures filled with enzymes. They are responsible for photosynthesis, which is the process by which the plant absorbs sunlight and turns it into energy. The nucleus organelle, on the other hand, is a membrane-bound group of many organelles. The major organelles are the nucleus, mitochondria, lysosomes, endoplasmic reticulum, and Golgi apparatus. Plant cells also have chloroplasts, which enable photosynthesis.

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