What is Resistance and Potency in Diablo Immortal?

In Diablo Immortal, the two most important skills are resistance and potency. Resistance helps you defend yourself from attacks, while potency makes you win battles. Some players have trouble choosing between these two powers, and others can’t decide which one to use. The best way to decide which one to use is to check the stats of your favorite character and use the one that will best fit your play style.

Paragon levels

There are two Paragon trees in Diablo Immortal, each with its own strengths and weaknesses. You can choose to specialize in one or the other depending on your playstyle. A melee character can benefit most from the Trapper tree, which places traps every five meters traveled and at a critical point when their health drops below 30%. This tree also has a higher healing potential, making it great for both PvP and group play.

Paragon levels in Diablo immortal are based on the leveling system found in previous Diablo games. This system has some elements that are a little confusing, though. For example, leveling caps can be confusing and unlocking cool trees requires a lot of grinding. Luckily, there are some tips available online that can make the game more enjoyable.

After you reach level 60 in Diablo Immortal, you’ll have access to the first two Paragon Trees. After completing them, you’ll receive an increase in Attack Speed, Attack Damage and Loot Drop Chance. You’ll also gain an increased Critical Hit Chance and Skill Damage. Eventually, you’ll be able to progress to the Mastermind Paragon Tree, which increases your Attack Damage, Critical Strike Chance and Damage Reduction.

A Paragon’s damage output depends on their skill specialization. At level one, the Vanquisher branch of the Paragon Tree grants a greater chance to kill monsters. This tree gives the character the ability to deal more damage, and it also gives bonus life and armor penetration. After that, the Soldier Paragon Tree unlocks at level 150. This tree gives you bonuses for both attack speed and vitality, which is very useful when you’re on the battlefield.

The Paragon levels in Diablo Immortal are the endgame levelling system. After reaching level 60, you can access it by clicking the three horizontal lines button in the upper right hand corner of the screen. You can choose to level up your character at this point or play through the rest of the game. The best thing about Paragon levels in Diablo Immortal is that you can customize your character’s stats and skills to suit your playstyle.

The Paragon Tree can hold 100 points and contains individual nodes that provide specific buffs and skills. However, it is important to note that you cannot reset the Paragon Tree. Therefore, you will have to do a lot of leveling and research to maximize your Paragon Tree.

Normal gems

Normal gems in Diablo Immortal can greatly increase your character’s potency. Normal gems are relatively inexpensive and will increase the amount of damage you can deal to an enemy. There are three different types of gems: common, rare, and legendary. Normal gems can increase your character’s damage and potency by 50 or more percent. Legendary gems will increase your character’s potency by more than five times.

Diablo Immortal players can obtain Legendary and Normal Gems as a reward for completing certain quests. Legendary gems are much more rare and can be purchased, but they are very expensive and can be difficult to find. However, players can obtain them through completion rewards in Diablo Immortal and by purchasing crests from Helliquary.

In Diablo Immortal, players can also socket gems into equipment. Normal gems can be equipped into primary gear, while legendary gems can only be worn on secondary gear. The easiest way to acquire these gems is from the Market in Rakkis Plaza. You can also get them from your character’s vendor or the Apprentice Jeweler.

The normal gems in Diablo Immortal increase your character’s potency by raising your Combat Rating by 1 point. Your combat rating is a background stat that affects your ability to deal damage. As the game gets harder, your combat rating becomes increasingly important. For this reason, it’s important to make sure you have the highest possible combat rating.

Normal gems are generally ranked from one to ten. The higher the rank, the stronger your character’s equipment will be. Normal gems can be upgraded to the next rank by combining them with other gems of the same rank. For example, to get Rank 5, you need to get an Echo Crystal from a Jeweler NPC.

Normal gems are socketed in your secondary equipment. They increase life, damage, armor penetration, and resistance. Some of them also give bonus to armor.


The equipment that your character uses is an important part of your gameplay in Diablo Immortal. There are different types of gear for different purposes, and some equipment gives you better performance than others. Whether you are looking for a powerful weapon or just a good piece of gear to boost your stats, there is something for you.

You can upgrade your gear in Diablo Immortal as your character progresses. The more powerful the piece of equipment, the higher the cost. The downside to upgrading your equipment is that it can get very expensive. As you level up, it is important to optimize your equipment to maximize its performance. In Diablo Immortal, there are four different types of equipment rarities. The next time you upgrade your equipment, decide whether to keep it or sell it.

In Diablo Immortal, you will be able to get new pieces of equipment by looting. However, you must carefully identify any items you find. The better equipment is more valuable than less powerful equipment, so make sure to identify your looted items correctly. Diablo Immortal has normal, legendary, and magic equipment, each with different rarities. It’s important to note that the difference in rarity is very large.

The Chaos Nexus is a Legendary Leg piece for the Wizard class in Diablo Immortal. This piece of equipment increases the damage of the Wizard Class’s Disintegrate Skill by 15%. It also summons three extra attacking beams. You must be at least Level 55 to use this piece of equipment.

Legendary gear is a great way to increase the power of your equipment in Diablo Immortal. Legendary gear has six different attributes, and players can get legendary gear after completing certain dungeons. You can even fine-tune these items with reforging. This means you can get even better gear by using the legendary gems.

Equipment in Diablo Immortal is important to your character’s overall performance, and can help you gain a high combat rating. You can also upgrade your equipment by using scrap materials, enchanted dust, and gold. However, you should be careful when salvaging your gear. Before salvaging it, make sure to recheck its stats.


Willpower is one of the most important attributes in Diablo Immortal, as it directly affects your other stats. For example, higher Willpower means you have more potency, which means that you can last longer against enemies. You can also increase your potency by equipping items. However, this will require you to equip the right items.

Willpower is calculated by adding up your character’s five base stats, plus the boosts that come with Helliquary and legendary gems. The bigger the number, the better, but all the characters have unique strengths and weaknesses. If you have the wrong stats, you will be handicapped in the game.

In Diablo Immortal, you can increase your potency by equipping potency-boosting items. In addition to equipping these items, you can also boost your potency by using abilities. One of these abilities is Essence Transfer. Using this ability will increase your potency, which will allow you to use potency-boosting items more effectively.

As you progress in Diablo Immortal, you will have more opportunities to upgrade your character. You can increase your armor to reduce the damage you take, and your spellcast speed will increase. You will spend most of your time clearing dungeons and Elder Rifts, and the faster you can clear them, the faster you can progress to the next one.

Your combat rating also affects the amount of damage you can inflict on your enemies. The higher your combat rating, the more damage you can deal. You will have to be careful when choosing which attribute to increase. Your combat rating is an important factor when the game becomes difficult. If you don’t want to be a target, you should increase your combat rating.

Willpower increases your character’s combat rating and base Resistance. It also makes boss fights easier. Every point of Willpower increases Combat Rating and Resistance. If you have enough Willpower, you can use this attribute to your advantage in the game. Your combat rating will increase by one point with every point of Willpower.

Diablo Immortal is a mobile game that has more depth than most mobile games. There are tons of things to do, so you should be careful to read up on the game’s mechanics. Some of these systems are always changing, so learning new tricks will make you a better player. Beginners should check out the Diablo Immortal tutorial. There are also detailed guides for endgame content.

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