What Programming Languages should you learn?

Programming languages are used widely in today’s world. It can simply be defined as a set of instructions in the form of code blocks to perform various tasks. Programming is commonly used for creating software, applications, and various other assets to perform various tasks that have been instructed to perform. Very obviously, just like other things, there are various codes for various purposes. There are various courses and applications and several YouTube channels and videos that can teach you programming, coding and even developing websites with the most unique and attractive designs and layouts.

However, somewhere along all these advancements, there have been way too many programming languages to learn and with various uses as well. There are of course the basic languages, then object-oriented, specific to certain operating systems, and then the intermediate to expert ones. Classifying each of its uses can help you determine as to know which programming language should be used for your convenience and requirements.

C Language

So C language is one of the oldest programming languages to exist. It is considered the base most of the programming languages as the logic and syntax that is used for most codes in other coding languages are pretty common. C language is used for a variety of uses such as creating computer applications, embedded software, simulators, test code, and various verification software that are being used. It can be considered a low-level programming language and as mentioned is very versatile and has a ton of applications to it.


Python is a very popular programming language. It is object-oriented and is considered a high-level programming language. It is a very highly demanded programming language and is one of the most required qualifications in IT sectors. Python can also be used for a variety of uses such as game developing, full-stack developer, web development, data analysis and so much more. Python is so popular that some of the most renowned companies such as Google, NASA, IBM, and even Intel have been using it. This makes the language a must-learn for programmers and developers to learn as it is indeed a great investment.


JavaScript is yet another programming language that is also object-oriented and has been used for a variety of uses. It is extremely user-friendly and easy to learn in comparison. Syntaxes are easy, direct, and easy to understand. JavaScript is being used for a variety of uses such as dynamically constantly updating or optimizing content, animating images, controlling multimedia, use it for web applications as well as mobile applications. It also supports blockchain technology making it the programming language of the future.

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Go Language

A statically typed, high-level language that is designed by Robert who was from Google. It is considered very similar in terms of syntax declaration and code block typing to the C language which makes it easier to learn as the base of all languages is already taught normally before any high-level programming. Go language is used for cloud and networking services mostly with other uses involving as common for all other languages which designing applications for multiple operating software. It has also been commonly used for replacing old infrastructure and Media platforms handling.


Although the names might be similar which could trick you into thinking that these are similar, C# is nothing like C except for syntax similarities. It can very vaguely be called a superset of C. It is a programming language that is developed by Microsoft on the .NET Framework. C# has been used for a variety of the same uses as the other programming languages that are mentioned in the list above. Unity game engine has been exclusively known to use C# to create their applications.


With that, we conclude our list of the programming languages that you should be earning to be relevant in the IT industry. It has been growing very rapidly and the people surrounding the sector need to constantly update themselves with the programming languages. The one advantage that everyone has is that even if they know either two of these languages, any upcoming programming languages that are yet to come would be very easy to learn as they would in one way or another other be a subset of the languages that are mentioned above.

Hopefully, this article does clear out some of the uses that programming languages provide while designing, coding, programming, or developing. There might be even other languages that can be learned and used according to one’s personal needs, so do search for your purpose and learn accordingly.