Why is Esports so popular?

Esports has been around for ages. There are various forms of games that have been popularized for a while now. Some of the most famous ones are FPS games. The gaming industry has been booming for the past decade as it has been more and more encouraged as times have been changing. The gaming industry is indeed worth more than billions of dollars.

The hype around gaming has been maintained by various games that have been introduced constantly over the past years. But why is the gaming industry so hyped and at its peak right now? In this article let’s read about the various reasons and look over the benefits of the industry as well as some good advantages of gaming in general.

Entertainment Source

Esports has been a great source of entertainment over the years as players get to play elevated versions of gameplay from pro players. People have all sorts of passionate viewing experiences as there’s some sort of connection when they watch the gameplay knowing they themselves play the game. While spectators have their entertainment, it indeed helps the industries create more business and in fact jobs in the market.

The gaming industry has been a great way for people to be entertained as well as compete with each other. This also showcases the talent that some people might have which under normal circumstances would have been neglected it wasn’t for these opportunities to be popped up.

More Inclusivity

Regardless of age, gender, and extremely obvious physical disabilities, there’s nothing really that can make some be excluded from the industry, of course, one has to train and practice for a decent while, and also require a decent setup for them to be able to compete globally against other players. Hardware disadvantage can be a pinch but you can still manage to kick through if you manage to get a moderately good GPU with a decent processor.

Options and More Options

There are multiple and wide ranges of variety to choose from. It can be from different categories, different, genres, or just different games. There’s plenty and something for everyone. Gaming needs to be taken as a fun and relaxing thing even when you compete in professional tournaments. Of course, there needs to be a competitive spirit after all to strive for that victory, there are somehow some limits that need to be maintained throughout to have that mental peace and harmony throughout your and others’ experience.

Social Networking

Games can be used as a fun form of social interaction as people usually play with friends. This does improve your mental health and relaxation with your friends is always nice. It can also be inclusive as people from anywhere can play the games that you decide on playing, whereas physical plans would not be very much possible with all of your friends. Thus, gaming can be a social networking space as well. Best case scenarios where you might get random players that will be nice and you might be able to even befriend some of them, although those are indeed very rare cases.

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Virtual and Augmented Reality

Virtual and Augmented reality has officially entered the arena of gaming. With both such immensely inclusive and surrounding environment technologies, gaming has become this immersive form where you can practically play games as if you’re one of the characters of the game. This had created havoc in the gaming industry and since then, various gaming centers have been specially built around this concept and let people experience this level of immersive gaming.

Most of the famous games that are competed are League of Legends, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Dota 2 and Valorant. Although these are virtual sports, it has somehow made an impact on traditional sports as the younger generation does indeed prefer to watch esports instead of traditional sports. Although this may have an impact on the overall health of the generations as sports are an integral part of keeping children healthy, a balance of both would exercise their minds as well as the body.


Gaming industry has been around for decades and although it may seem like it is a newer concept, it can be considered to be brought under the spotlight in recent years. It would be great to see the newer generation compete and bring in other forms of entertainment. Gaming can be addictive and needs to be monitored. While these can be fun and social and interactive, these are still behind a screen that produces insane amounts of eye strain and health issues. Moderation is necessary for every single thing in life.