Why the electric oven does not heat well – causes of failure

Every day more and more homemakers prefer to cook in the oven. After all, food cooked in this way is not only tastier but also healthier. In addition, thanks to the wide functionality of electric ovens, cooking is much easier. And even despite the fact that the design of the oven is simple, in most cases, Viking oven repair service is performed in service centers because the speed of restoration of performance plays an important role, and the search for spare parts when repairing on your own takes a lot of time.

The main reasons why the oven does not work

Despite the fact that almost all breakdowns lead to the same result – the oven in the electric stove does not work, each of them manifests itself differently. Let’s consider the most common signs of malfunction, possible breakdowns and what you can do in such situations. If the oven does not turn on, then before you go to a specialist, you should check the availability of electricity, the reliability of the contacts in the electrical outlet and the serviceability of the plug cord. You can use a tester, multimeter, or a known good household appliance to check. If no defects are found, and the oven is powered, pay attention to the external manifestations of failure. To make it easier to find the broken part, we have combined the most common types of manifestations in a table.

What to do if the electric stove does not heat well or does not work at all

The design of the oven does not include many main components, so let’s consider their breakdowns in more detail:

  1. Thermostat. Faults in this element manifest themselves by improper temperature regulation. The oven may shut down as soon as it begins to heat up, or it may burn cookware. Before you finally decide that the thermostat is to blame, check the connecting wires.
  2. Heating element. Most often, the bottom heating element fails. This is due to the peculiarity of the design of stoves. Use a tester or multimeter, and check the ohmic resistance of the coil and the resistance relative to the body. If the value of the first indicator should be a few tens of ohms, then in relation to the body, the device should show “infinity.”
  3. Mode switch, temperature regulator. The main cause of breakdowns is the ingress of moisture and dirt. Often simple cleaning is enough, but if the contacts are worn or deformed, the part should be replaced.
  4. Control board. Installed in more expensive and “advanced” models. Therefore, the malfunction can manifest itself in different ways: badly heats or overheats the dishes. Spontaneously turns off or behaves incorrectly during cooking. It is impossible to diagnose the problem at home. It is necessary to call a specialist.
  5. Fan. Thanks to this element, the heat inside the oven is evenly distributed in all corners of the chamber. In simpler models, if the fan does not work, the quality of cooked food decreases significantly. In more expensive versions of ovens, in such cases, the automation can even turn off the heating elements, preventing the food from spoiling. Very often, it is possible to restore the work of the oven without replacing the fan. It is enough to thoroughly clean the electrical contacts at the point of connection to the electrical circuit.

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