Zelda Sleeping Dragon Location Guide

The sleeping dragon is located in the central part of the region, south of Minor Erdtree, and before the northernmost tip of Caelid. It is close to Fort Faroth, which contains a Site of Grace. For players who do not have a Site of Grace, they can access Siofra Well in Limgrave.


Tokuno is a location in the game The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. The island is home to one city and several dungeons. Players are able to use various spells to traverse the island, including Sacred Journey, Recall, and Gate Travel. The island also contains ruins of houses and other creatures, including Lizardmen.


The Caelid sleeping dragon location is south of the Minor Erdtree and before the northernmost tip of Caelid. The sleeping dragon is near Fort Faroth, which has a Site of Grace. It is also accessible to players without Site of Grace from the Siofra Well in Limgrave.

The Elder Dragon Greyoll is a massive sleeping dragon that can be found near the Fort Farath Site of Grace in the eastern part of the Caelid Wilds. The dragon is afflicted with the Scarlet Rot. This dragon is worth nearly 80,000 runes and can be found near the Site of Grace.

This region is incredibly difficult, but players should be prepared to deal with it. Although there are enemies in this area, they are less of a threat on this path. After defeating the Flying Dragon Greyll, players can take advantage of a teleporter. This location is located just northeast of the Third Church of Marika.

You can also access this area by riding the Spectral Steed mount. The Spectral Steed mount can be unlocked at the Stormveil Castle. Once inside, you’ll find a portal leading to the Caelid area. Be careful, though; this region can be dangerous for low-level characters.

If you want to meet the Beast Clergyman, D is a great option. The cleric will offer you a chance to meet Gurranq, the Beast Clergyman. Gurranq will lead you north of Caelid to a place called Greyoll’s Dragonbarrow. Once there, the player must ride south until they reach the Flying Dragon Greyll bridge.


The easiest way to kill Greyoll is to hit it in the tail with a weapon that inflicts Hemorrhage or Frostbite. These attacks are relatively fast and can kill the dragon in one hit. A player should try to stay behind the dragon when attacking it to avoid aggro. Alternatively, players can use a Bleed weapon to kill it without confrontation.

Once the player surfaces in Caelid, he must travel eastward to find Greyoll. It’s easier to kill the dragon with the Hemorrhage weapon, because it significantly reduces its health. However, other weapons can be used to kill the dragon, such as Frostbite and Poison. Once killed, Greyoll will not respawn. If the player kills it quickly, he’ll be able to get a Dragon Heart and 74,000 runes.

Killing Greyoll will give you an increased chance to gain Gold and Runes. It’s also possible to kill the baby dragons. The baby dragons are similar to Agheel’s size, but they’re much weaker than their mother. Killing them will also help you gain the requisite amount of Runes to kill the Greyoll boss.

A Greyoll’s attack will occur if you come in front of it. It will snap its wing and lean forward with a screeching sound. You can also trigger this attack by walking in front of the dragon, behing, or even stepping under it. Using this attack may cause the game to crash.

Tibia Marnier

The Tibia Mariner is the world boss in the Elden Ring, and a quick way to get the Deathroot item that will allow you to fast travel north of Caelid to the Sleeping Dragon. Tibia Mariners are scattered all over the Lands Between, but one of the easiest places to find one is in the Summonwater Village, east of Limgrave.

Getting to the sleeping dragon requires a bit of effort, but it’s worth it once you’ve defeated the world’s strongest enemy. The first step is defeating the Tibia Mariner in Summonwater Village, located east of Limgrave. Be careful: this location contains several powerful talismans and will require quite a bit of patience and effort.

The sleeping dragon can be found north of Fort Faroth, which is in the land of Caelid. This dragon won’t react to an assault, but it will be protected by a child, so be careful when attacking it. It can be killed using weapons that cause a lot of Bleed accumulation, but it won’t hit back. The dragon also contains truckloads of Runes.


A Deathroot is a useful item. It is the reward from the quest “Find a Sleeping Dragon.” You need to give it to the dragon to make it awake. After it is awake, the quest will end. It will also require you to feed it with the Deathroot. The outcome of the quest will be different if you feed it more than one Deathroot.

Once you get the Deathroot, go to the Bestial Sanctum, which is located in the Dragonbarrow region. It is guarded by the Black Blade Kindred, a giant dragon that will kill you if you fight it. Alternatively, you can go straight to the Dragonbarrow and kill the dragon to get the Deathroot.

Deathroots can be found in many locations in the game, including Mt. Gelmir, where two of them can be found after defeating Red Wolf of the Champion. The Mountaintops of the Giants are another great place to find one. You can find one by defeating Tibia Mariner southwest of Castle Sol, while the other two can be found in the Giants Mountaintop Catacombs.

Obtaining a Deathroot is relatively easy, and you can get it from multiple sources. Getting a single Deathroot from the sleep dragon’s slumbering location can be a quick way to make a small fortune. There are numerous NPCs in the Lands Between that will trade you Deathroot for other items. These NPCs will also give you free Incantations in exchange for your Deathroot.

Golden Scarab

The Golden Scarab Talisman increases your rune farming efficiency and can be used to farm the sleeping dragon in Fort Fareth. The sleeping dragon awards 74,000 Runes without the Talisman, but 88,800 with it. This quest is a difficult one if you’re not level 50.

The first step in farming runes is to locate the sleeping dragon. You can find it east of the Smoldering Wall, east of the Abandoned Cave. You can also find it in the Caelid region. Once you’re there, jump down a tree branch to reach the cave’s mouth.

Traveling to the sleeping dragon requires some preparation. Once you’ve gathered enough items, you can head over to the sleeping dragon. However, be warned that you may encounter enemies that can cause you to die. This will require that you prepare yourself for an intense battle. In addition to preparing yourself, make sure that you have an empty map and don’t forget to respawn the sleeping dragon after a few minutes.

The sleeping dragon is located near Fort Faroth, a castle in the land of Caelid. It doesn’t flinch, but you can fight it with a summon spirit or a weapon with bleeding effects. After killing the dragon, you will be rewarded with 74,000 runes and a Dragon Heart. You’ll find that the Dragon Heart are incredibly valuable. These items can be used to buy items.

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