1898 Indian Head Penny Error – 8/7

A common 1898 Indian head pennant with an error is the infamous 8/7. While this error is the most rare and valuable, it’s much easier to find a high-quality example. An 1898 Indian head penny is a far more affordable option and still contains 95% copper and 5% zinc. It weighs 0.1 troy ounces. However, if you have a high-quality 1898 Indian head coin, you can expect to pay more for it.

The design of the 1898 Indian head penny features a woman in a traditional Indian headdress. This woman was the daughter of James Longacre, a designer, and the image was sketched by Sarah, who was twelve. The original sketch was later changed and the wreath has been greatly enhanced. However, the error has continued to be a source of controversy. In the past few years, some collectors have identified a similar mistake in an Indian head penny.

The error on an 1898 Indian head penny may not be as apparent as it is in the present. The design was actually changed slightly in 1898, but this is an unavoidable part of the coin’s history. The 1898 Indian head penny is worth about $3, and can be as high as $15 or more if it is in very fine or ultra-fine condition. The melt value of a coin shows the value of the metal it contains. You can find the melt value of US coins by clicking here.

If you are looking to collect Indian head pennies, there are several reasons to invest in this type of coin. The Indian Head penny series is the most common in the small cents category, and circulated versions are widely available at coin shows and coin stores. If you are not sure what to buy, consider getting a few key coins that are valuable and will stretch your coin collecting budget. The 1898 Indian head penny is a valuable collector’s coin and can be a great way to start collecting a coin collection.

The Indian Head penny was minted in Philadelphia between 1859 and 1909. The mintage of these coins was extremely low – only 852,500 pieces were minted. Despite the error, all 1898 Indian head pennies are valuable and worth investing in. They can be extremely difficult to find in mint condition. Therefore, it is important to research the coin and find out more about its history. Its scarcity makes it more valuable.

A perfect condition 1898 Indian Head penny can sell for more than $500. But if the coin is a proof, it can reach more than $1,600. An average-grade Indian Head penny, made in 1857, costs about $44 to acquire. It is often included in complete collections of Flying Eagle penny series. You can also purchase one in poor condition that can fetch up to $408.

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