10 Best Typing Test Websites (2022)

People’s abilities and strengths are becoming more important than their personalities in today’s society. With a high level of expertise comes a wealth of opportunities. The ability to type is one such literary skill. Is your typing speed better than everyone else’s? In the conglomerate business, it is crucial to be productive. A list of Typing Test Websites is all you need.

You must be a quick learner in order to be productive. In order to discover the joke in these professions, you’ll need to sharpen your fingers and speed up your muscles, as we’ve compiled the greatest sites to help you improve your typing speed.

There are no complicated steps involved in taking a typing test, and the results will show your words per minute ratio and suggest areas for improvement. If you’re looking to sharpen your skills in accordance with industry standards, then these top websites are the best option.

List of Best Typing Test Websites (2022)

We’ve compiled a list of various typing speed tests from across the web so you may experiment with different approaches to improving your typing speed. Let’s have a look at the top websites to measure your typing speed.

1) MonkeyType


MonkeyType is a site that teaches you how to type better. First, of its kind, this website offers a typing test that allows you to alter previously typed text. In the end, this was a worthwhile endeavour for the town.

Over 40 languages are supported by MonkeyType, an open-source project that tests your typing and time-based abilities for overall improvement. As a user, you may select a time period ranging from 15 seconds to 120 seconds on the site, making it quite customizable.


2) TypeTest.io


As you type, Typetest.io gives you the ability to get quicker results. As a result of its simple approach to product announcements, you can quickly learn from your failures.

Error and proper character kinds, as well as your word per minute ratio and speed analysis, may be viewed in a single window


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3) Ratatype


You may take the free Ratatype Typing Speed Test or use it to improve your typing skills. To gauge your typing speed, you can type a short passage in one of three languages: English, Spanish, or French. If you have a certificate from Rataype, you may proudly display it. The classes are open to anybody, in any language, at no cost.

For those who like to study on their own or compete with others, it has a simple, user-friendly layout. All of these keyboard layouts are supported, as well as many additional languages, by the Ratatype software. Up to twenty lessons and up to twenty-five activities are included in each typing course.


4) TypingClub


You may use TypingClub to improve your typing skills at home or at school for free. A paid instructional version is also offered. No registration is required for TypingClub, however, you may create a profile to track your progress through the classes.

Each reading can be practised until it receives a perfect score of five stars. TypingClub does not offer a one-click typing speed test, however, tests have been distributed in the classroom. TypingClub’s tests are also a good place to start.


5) Typesy


If you’re in the market for typing software that can be downloaded, Typesy is a great option. It makes use of a curriculum designed specifically for adults.

Typesy’s courses and progress tracking make it possible for users to customise the application to meet their own needs. Typing precision and agility may be improved via the usage of more than 16 different typing games. You’ll be able to monitor your typing speed as you proceed through the classes.


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6) 10FastFingers


Typing test website 10fastfingers.com is the most popular one. This method of testing typing speed has been around for a long time and is widely used by many typists. Then there’s a good explanation for it. Even if you’re a complete novice, the website is easy to navigate and doesn’t feel cluttered.

During the typing exam, you will be required to type one minute of random words. The time of the exam cannot be altered, however, you can type in one of more than 50 other languages.

The test results, including wpm, keystrokes, accuracy, and the number of right and wrong words, will be presented when the test is complete. You may also use the website to challenge your Facebook friends or to share your results with them.


7) KeyBr


Typing on both a physical and virtual keyboard is encouraged on this contemporary site. Instead of focusing on full sentences, this website gives a random line of text to help you learn individual letters faster.

The results are simple and straightforward, displaying the words per minute and mistake scores for each round. Changing the layout of the keyboard is easy, and you may do so at any time.


8) ARTypist


When it comes to typing speed tests, ARTypist is one of the most difficult and accurate options accessible. I struggled to keep up with all the names, dates, and punctuation on the exam material, which was pulled from a random Wikipedia article. The text on this page will be different each time you take the exam since it is dynamic.

After you begin typing, the clock begins to run. It stops when you have finished typing. It is possible to see your time, speed, and accuracy while taking the exam, although this is not required. You are under no obligation to correct any errors that are highlighted in red. When you complete the typing speed test, you will be able to see your final numbers, including your WPM.


9) Freetypinggame.net


FreeTypingGame.net offers a free typing test with 40 different text blocks ranging in complexity from simple to difficult and lasting anywhere from one to five minutes. Accordingly, it is possible for even the most novice users to accurately measure their typing speed based on their current skill level.

An example of an easy test is to type the home row keys, but more difficult typing tests require you to enter German and French sentences. Only the remaining time and WPM are shown during the exam, and errors are highlighted in red. Once you’ve completed the task, you’ll be able to see your result on the scoreboard.


10) LiveChat


LiveChat includes a WPM test that just takes you through a single line of text, so you don’t waste any time on the keyboard. Only a 60-second test is available to you. Because the text on the website changes with each reload, you can take as many tests as you like.

Because the words are randomly generated, it’s not as simple as word-for-word exams. If you make a spelling or grammar error, you can edit the text, but you can’t go back and fix previous terms.


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    The average individual type is between 38 and 40 words per minute (WPM). It translates to 190 to 200 characters per minute (CPM).


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