12 Best Websites to Watch Cartoon Online for Free

Everyone enjoys watching cartoons, no matter what their age is. The majority of people watch it for enjoyment, relaxation, or nostalgia, while a few others do it to relive their youth. Cartoons such as Pokemon, Spongebob Squarepants, and Tom and Jerry have shaped our childhoods. They offer a little respite from the drudgery of daily life. This article contains the best websites to watch cartoon online for free.

In today’s fast-paced world, not everyone has the luxury of turning on the TV and squeezing in some time to watch cartoons. To keep up with several series airing at varying times and on various networks is a challenge.

However, some websites allow us to view cartoons online for free, and there are no additional fees.

The following are the best websites to watch cartoon online for free, so without further ado, enjoy!

Best Websites to Watch Cartoon Online for Free

Let’s have a look at a couple of the top cartoon streaming websites that are free and don’t cost a penny.

1) Toonjet

For those nostalgic for the golden age of animated television, ToonJet is the place to go.

Cartoons from the 1960s and 1970s are available online for free, as well as some of the most unusual and rarest cartoons. Oswald: Oh Teacher, Aesop’s Fables, Little Lulu, and Tom and Jerry, among others, are included in the collection. cartoons on the internet for free

YouTube hosts all of the cartoons, thus buffering is out of the question. It’s no surprise that the results are so accurate because they’re generated by Google.

Only if you’re interested in interacting with other cartoonists, exploring new cartoons, and other normal forum features will you be required to register.

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2) Disney Now


Disney, the official home of Disney cartoons, has everything you could ever want.

The Disney Junior area is a great place for toddlers and kids to watch cartoons like Beyblade, Pinocchio, Elena of Avalor, Phineas and Ferb, and many more.

If you have an internet connection from one of the participating ISPs, you may also watch Disney channels online.

In addition to the series, you have access to all of Disney’s films. characters from Marvel Comics like ANT-MAN and Spiderman Exclusive cartoons using Funko, etc., are also available.

3) Cartoons On


Many people who wish to watch cartoons other than those that have been shown on television turn to Cartoons On as their go-to website for free online viewing of cartoons.

Studios, characters, and series all have their own sections in the library. In addition, you may view old cartoons, particularly ones that haven’t been aired on the network for a while.

Streaming is also a breeze, with no hiccups of any type. Free cartoons are also available using the site’s search function.

4) Animetoon

This website will see a lot of use from anime lovers. A huge library of anime series may be watched for free on Anime Toon.

There are thousands of Anime shows to pick from on the streaming service. In addition to the episodes and films, dubbed and subtitled versions are available.

There is essentially no buffering or latency in the stream, which is above average.

The biggest anime streaming service won’t load until you disable AdBlocker, according to my experience.

5) Cartoon Network


Many of the famous cartoons of Cartoon Network, such Swat Kats, Flintstones, Powerpuff Girls and Ed ed eddy have been watched by millennials, as well as many more timeless cartoons.

More than 30,000 films and segments from popular cartoons are available for free on Cartoon Network’s UK site.

Only a few of the most recent trending cartoons may be seen on the site.

In addition to watching cartoons, kids may have a good time by playing a variety of activities.

6) Crunchyroll

The best place to find and watch anime on the internet. There are almost no Animes that aren’t available on Crunchyroll. Alternatives to KissAnime that are legal were also listed in a previous post of mine.

You won’t run out of stuff to watch anytime soon with over 1200 anime and movie series and films.

You may also read Manga for free, in addition to Animes. There’s an official app that can be used on numerous devices, including gaming consoles, to visit the website.

7) Toonget

If you’re looking for a place to watch free cartoons online, Toon Get is an overlooked option.

There is a myriad of animated films and television series to choose from. From Mickey Mouse to the Justice League.

Anime lovers flock to the site to catch up on the shows they’ve missed. It didn’t disappoint when I searched for some of the most obscure animes. Toon Get is one of the top sites out there.

8) YouTube

Almost everyone has heard of YouTube and the countless resources available to explore virtually any subject matter. Many cartoons have been made available online for free viewing utilizing video streaming services.

On top of that, there is a slew of other channels with a wide variety of cartoons available for free on the studio’s main channel.

Warner Bros., Disney Junior, and Nick Jr. are just a few of the many studios.

With a YouTube playlist, you can organise and save all of your favourite episodes and series in one spot.

9) Nickelodeon

Nickelodeon, like its YouTube channel, is a popular animation site for kids to watch free HD cartoons.

Many of the cartoons that Nickelodeon Australia showed in the past are available for download. On occasion, the newest products are also shown for the first time.

There is also a Nick Music page that has music from Nick events and shows that may be streamed directly. Also, keep your fingers away from the green button, lest you hear a giggle from the nearby children.

10) South Park


Adult cartoons may be streamed online on the official website of the show. All the episodes of South Park are available on this site.

Before any of the films can begin streaming, viewers must watch required add rolls, which is reasonable given that the service is free.

Watch a Random Episode episode selector is available since there are so many episodes to choose from.

Extras, blogs, and other content from the show’s producers can be found in addition to the most recent episodes being streamed.

11) Cartoonito


Cartoon Network UK’s sibling site, Cartoonito, is a popular destination for kids throughout the world. Similar programming, including kid-friendly games, may be found on Cartoon Network’s streaming service.

Cartoonito fills up the gaps left by the absence of Cartoon Network UK in several regions.

Using the website’s instructional cartoons, children may learn new topics while having a good time.

On the website, there are no annoying pop-up advertising, which can be a real downer while you’re watching TV.

12) Pokémon


The official Pokemon website has some of the finest episodes of the series available for download.

You may also check out the Pokemon Encyclopedia to learn new facts and tidbits about your favourite animation series, in addition to the episodes.

When you’re ready to call it a day, there are plenty of Pokemon games to keep your inner pokemon catcher occupied.


For those looking to watch free cartoons online, here are some of the greatest options. Most of them don’t even require registration, while some are restricted to a certain area.

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