5 Best ePub Reader Apps for Android/iOS

If you’re a bookworm, you’ve probably heard of eBook readers. For Android and iOS, there are numerous popular eBooks. Epub readers are also available, however, there aren’t many alternatives to choose from.

An eBook is a general phrase for reading books online if you’re not familiar with the terms ePub or eBook. Similar to Jpeg and Pdf, ePub files are also available. The ePub, Mobi, and pdf formats for eBooks are the most common.

The epub suffix is used by ePub (electronic publication). Many ePub programmes and e-readers are able to read this type of file. As an alternative to purchasing eBooks, here are some of the best Best ePub Reader Apps for Android/iOS. Please go through each one carefully.

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List of 5 Best ePub Reader Apps

1) Lithium


The EPUB Reader app’s name implies that it supports the ePub file format. In addition to the night and sepia themes, the Lithium app boasts a minimalistic appearance. One of the finest features of this software is that it is ad-free; there are no interruptions. As a result, you may now read your eBooks undisturbed.

With the lithium app, you can pick between two scrolling modes: normal and alternate page view. There’s also a pro edition with even more bells and whistles, like as highlights, bookmarks, and the ability to sync reading locations. There are additional colour selections and a few more themes available in highlighting.

2) Google Play Books

Google Play Books

Android users love Google Play Books, making it the most widely used eBook app. It offers a wide range of books, each with a unique set of suggestions. There is no subscription option, so you may read or listen to any eBooks or audiobooks you purchase from the shop. Furthermore, you may preview the free samples to have a better idea of what the book is about before you buy it.

Google Play Books, like many other apps, supports syncing across several devices. In addition, it offers the ability to bookmark objects, take notes, and go to night mode. Books in formats like ePub and PDF may be read in this app. It also supports additional formats, such as TXT.

3) Pocketbook


A total of 26 books are compatible with the PocketBook software, which supports audio formats like as EPUB, FB2, MOBI, PDF, DJVU, and many more. Audiobooks are equipped with a built-in TTS (text-to-speech) engine, allowing you to read text files while listening. It has functions including the ability to create and filter collections of books. Using the smart search feature, you may have the whole contents of the device instantly scanned.

The offline mode of PocketBook allows you to read eBooks without access to the internet. All bookmarks, notes, and more may be synchronised with the cloud. It also has a built-in dictionary to make it easier to pick up new vocabulary. Among the seven available themes, you may alter the font style, line spacing and animations, as well as the margins.

4) eBoox


In addition to EPUB and FB2, eBoox can read a wide range of other file types including Word documents and Rich Text Format (RTF). It offers a simple and intuitive user interface. You may browse a library of books in the app and then pick and upload eBooks in a variety of file formats directly from your mobile device. The settings provide you with a variety of personalization options. Note-taking, annotations, and bookmarking are all included as standard features.

You may use eBoox’s night mode feature, which suppresses the illumination and enhances your reading experience at night. eBoox Multi-device sync is available, as well as the ability to change the font, size, and brightness of the text. Android users can download this app.

5) Apple’s e-books

Apple Books

It’s Apple’s eBook reader software, and it boasts a large library of both eBooks and audiobooks. Both eBooks and audiobooks are available for a free preview, so you can decide which one you prefer. Apple Books is one of the top ePub readers for iOS and supports a wide range of eBook formats.

A multi-device sync with iCloud support, highlights and bookmarks are just some of the features you’ll find in this app Apple Books’ typeface, colour scheme, and auto day/night settings, among others, may be customised.


What is your favourite free epub reader for Android after reading the above 10 options? If not, the following table lists the most well regarded epub readers based on a variety of factors. I sincerely hope you are able to locate the ideal match.

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