Why Does Your Business Need a Mobile App in 2021

For numerous businesses around the world, building a website served as an entry to the digital market. Now companies could provide updated information about their products and services to their customers while also offering many tools to facilitate a purchase. A website has long served as a digital doorway, but now companies can take the next step and enter the “always on’ screens of mobile devices.

According to Statista, by 2023, mobile apps are poised to generate over $935 billion. Another stat by Mindsea states that 21% of Millennials open an app 50+ times per day. These numbers serve as clear markers of the reach and revenue that building a mobile app can offer.

Historically, Businesses have seen a major boost in their success once they build an online presence. Building a mobile application is the next step towards an even more effective digital strategy.

But how would you know if building an app is the right choice for your business? To help you answer this question, here are ten clear signs your business needs a mobile app. 

An App Would Help You Increase Business

The primary reason behind developing an app should be to equip the customer with tools that facilitate a conversion. The app development project should be rooted in business strategy and not just be a shiny new toy. Businesses should pay heed to their customers’ perception and have a clear idea of the ‘buttons’ to push customers to make a purchase. 

There needs to be a clear response to how a mobile app fits into your enterprise’s business strategy and how it will lead to sales. 

Your Competitors Have Mobile Apps

Technology is one of the strongest market forces that maintain business relevance. If you look around, you will see that 99% of your competitors already have a mobile app. Smartphones have become a ‘never off, ‘never far’ extension of day-to-day human life which is a clear reason why you should have a mobile app. 

With links to your website, push notifications, and transaction capabilities, a mobile app can work wonders for your business in sales and keep your business from being billed as obsolete.

An App Could enhance your Product.

Creating an app makes business sense if you have a digital or physical product, the value proposition of which can be enhanced through a mobile application. For example, products with recurring subscriptions as their mode of payment will be greatly boosted by an app that can help customers track orders and make other purchases.

It Would Give Your Clients Greater Access To Your Brand

Mobile apps offer high availability and easier access which translates into more conversions. If the customer can access your portal at their convenience, the perceived value of your brand will experience an upward surge. Better access means better and richer engagements and communication with customers, bringing your brand into the proverbial top-of-the-mind for your customers.

It Would Offer Greater Functionality Than Your Website

Websites are great marketing tools and have been around for quite some time now. However, a mobile app makes sense only if your Product is SaaS and your website doesn’t support functionalities incorporated into a mobile application. 

Many a time, enterprises fall into the trap of creating a mobile app just for the heck of it. No user wants unnecessary apps on their phones, and most will not even download your app if it does not fill a need gap. This means that all the resources and time you invested in app development were in vain. If your website already supports all the required functionalities required for a user to be informed, engaged, and then guided towards a purchase, building a mobile app is not worth the investment.

Your Customers Aren’t Engaged On Your Website.

If your business is struggling to retain customers, a possible reason could be that your website isn’t as captivating and engaging as it should be. Mobile applications can boost interactions with your target market with in-app messages and push notifications. In addition, captured data about user behaviors and journeys on your application can help you build business strategies to increase customer retention.

You’re In The E-Commerce Market

If you happen to be an eCommerce enterprise, creating a mobile app is almost imperative and follows the latest mobile app development trends. A mobile-friendly website doesn’t cut with slow load times and fewer functionalities when compared to an app. In addition, the number of eCommerce shoppers is increasing every day, with more and more people wanting to shop on mobile devices. 

If your enterprise doesn’t have an app capable of accommodating eCommerce shoppers, you miss out on massive sales and other conversion opportunities. 

Your Customers Need To Log In To Use Your Service

Login requirements can be a turnoff for some users. Lengthy and complex login screens not only bore the user, they also put him on their guard, given that they might not want to divulge certain information. Today most of what we do is through our smartphones. We find dates through apps; we order meals through apps. We even conduct business through apps. A website can only take a user up to a certain point in the customer journey, and if your audience operates on a tablet or a phone, a mobile app is a must.  

It Would Solve A Customer Problem

Another foundational aspect of building an app is the question, “Will the app I am building solve a customer problem?”. The ideal mobile app should offer new functionalities and boost customers’ convenience, making interactions more free-flowing and natural. An example of a mobile app bringing about an “a-ha moment’ was the functionality of banking apps allowing mobile check deposits. Your app should also solve customer problems as impressively.

Your Customers Are Asking For an app.

We have saved the best for last. The first question that you need to address is if your customers want a mobile app. The consumer of today is very vocal about their expectations from your business. A simple survey on your website or social media can offer you deep insights into what your customer wants. If your customers would like a mobile app from your business, the next step is to brainstorm feature inclusions from popular picks from subsequent surveys.

In Summation

The world is becoming more mobile every day. To remain afloat in today’s hyper-competitive market, building a tech arsenal that connects you to your target audience is important. We are spending increasing amounts of time glued to our smartphones, and a mobile app is a perfect way to engage the modern customer. Radixweb is a leading mobile app development company that leverages 20 years of focused experience in creating innovative, highly efficient, and appealing mobile applications tailored to your business needs. So if you too are ready to jump onto the mobile app development bandwagon, choose an experienced and capable partner like Radixweb and get the ball rolling. 

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