Best Discord Alternatives For Gamers And Non-Gamers

Discord is the most used chatting platform online. There is a large Discord community that includes both gamers and non-gamers. You might also want to explore other Discord alternatives, such as Slack, Teamspeak, and Telegram, becoming increasingly popular among gamers and professionals looking for a professional space.

Discord is an excellent app but not without its problems. It’s not the best app to use in a professional setting. Slack, Zoom, or Microsoft Teams might be better options. Gaming servers are hosted via Discord. Users will lose access to the service if their server is down. There is also the issue of latency if your servers may be far away from other users. Here are some options for you.

Best Discord Alternative

Element (formerly Riot)

The chatting service is very similar to Discord. One can even see the similarities in its user interface, which is amazing. Element has similar functions, such as joining or dropping ongoing group calls without inviting anyone or disturbing them. It also allows file sharing and easy file sharing. It excels in endIn addition, to-end encryption, which is not available on Discord.

The file management tools make it possible to use it in professional settings. Hosting your data on your server allows you to take full control of your data. Open-source software is available on every platform. However, this service is missing video quality and key management.


Teamspeak is a popular alternative to Discord and has been used for years by gamers around the world. It has an outdated interface, but it is easy to use. It is used primarily for voice chats, and it has administrative features, unlike Discord.

Teamspeak users can control servers using their power level. This power level is shared between team members. This allows them to control their servers and even manage them. It’s ideal for professionals because it supports file transfer as well as offline/LAN functionality.

Teamspeak has its flaws. It lacks video communication and can only connect to one server simultaneously. In addition, self-hosted servers can only hold 32 members. This number can be increased to 512 by purchasing a non-commercial, non-profit license. This may be a problem for larger communities such as those we see on Discord, but it is fine if you are the only one using it.

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Professional use of Discord is a lot easier with Slack than it is with Discord. It integrates seamlessly with more than 800 third-party tools such as Trello, GitHub, and MailChimp.

It also allows users to upload up to 1GB of files to share them with others. Slack offers all the usual features, including chat, voice, video calls, and file sharing over HTTPS by simply dragging and dropping. Although the paid tier can be expensive, it is perfect for large teams or organizations.


Telegram has seen a rise in popularity recently. This is largely due to privacy concerns with WhatsApp. The app isn’t just a replacement for Discord or WhatsApp, but it has its unique features. Telegram offers the best of both worlds with features such as channels and bots. Telegram groups can boast more members than any other messaging app. Channels allow for broadcasting to a larger audience.

Users can also share files up to 2GB. This makes sharing easy. Similar to Discord, bots can be created for many purposes, including managing large communities, integrating scripts, and automating queries. This app could only be improved if it offered end-to-end encryption in group chats. It is currently only an option for a private chat.

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Steam Chat

Steam is the most used platform for gaming, but it hasn’t had a chatting feature since 2018. Steam is the most popular platform for PC gamers. However, it didn’t have a chatting feature until 2018. This service is web-based, so you don’t need to have a client. The client can be found by pressing Shift + Tab while playing any Steam game. You can easily communicate between matches by doing this.

It works in the same way as Discord but offers more administrative options for controlling the server. However, it lacks voice chat quality and discoverability. Discord allows you to play and chat with only your friends. However, Discord lets you find other servers where you can chat with people.

We hope that you find what you are looking for. Each service has its pros and cons. You should choose the one that suits your needs best.

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