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Best Translation Apps For Android And iOS In 2022

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These best translation apps are often overlooked and can be life-savers when needed. People are becoming more multilingual as the world changes. Translation apps for iOS and Android can be useful for communicating with people in other countries or states, provided the pandemic has ended.

The translation app that you use is the most important. Here’s a list of the best translation apps for Android and iOS.

The Best Android and iOS Translation Apps

We have the best translation apps for iOS and Android.

1. iTranslate

Price: Get up to $5.99/month or a free trial

itranslate review best translator apps

iTranslate is a very popular translation app, especially in comparison to its competitors. iTranslate is capable of translating hundreds of languages in a matter of seconds. The app supports text translation, voice translation, and AR & Camera translating (with a paid subscription span>

The paid subscription includes the ability to download offline translations of languages. It also offers a unique feature: you can use it as a dictionary. Both the Google Play Store as well as the Apple App Store have iTranslate.

2. SayHi app

Price: No cost

sayhi review best translator apps

SayHi is a simple and effective alternative to Microsoft and Google. It works well when speaking in another language. This app also offers voice translation in a clean and simple interface with two mic buttons that can be used to translate into different languages.

SayHi supports 90 languages and dialects. You can also control the speed of your voice output. You can find the SayHi app on both Google Play Stores and Apple App Stores.

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3. Google Translate

Price: No cost

google translate review best translator apps

Google Translate is the most popular and widely used translation service worldwide. Google Translate is a free service that most people are familiar with. Camera recognition works flawlessly and languages can be downloaded offline for free.

It also covers more than 100 languages and offers unique features such as handwriting and real-time translation. Google Translate is the best mobile translation service. It is available in the App Store and Play Store.

4. Naver Papago

Price: No cost

never papago review best translator apps

We also have Naver Papago which claims to be an AI-based translation service. The app specializes in Asian languages and is owned by Naver South Korea, a popular South Korean search engine. Papago supports 13 languages, offers voice translation, text and image translation, real-time and handwritten translation.

The app has an advantage over other services in that you can use it to facilitate conversations within Asian countries. It is available in the App Store and Play Store.

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5. Microsoft Translator

Price: No cost

microsoft translator review best translator apps

Microsoft Translator is the last and most widely-used translator. The app’s outdated UI may deceive you, but its features work perfectly. The app supports more than 60 languages and is available offline.

Microsoft Translator supports voice, text, image, and phrasebook translations. It’s easy to use, despite its age-old interface. It is available in the App Store and Play Store.

That was it! These are the best and most trusted translation apps available.

Are you a user of translator apps? Do you use translator apps? Please leave your feedback in the comments section below.

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