Windows 11 Officially Launched: This Is What We Get After 6 Years

It’s been six years since Microsoft released Windows 10. This was the last version of Windows. 11 feature updates later, we now look at the Windows 11 launch at an online Microsoft event.

Thanks to the leaked build, we already know many things about Windows 10. Microsoft has more to offer.

Windows 11 Features Overview

Microsoft has added these features to Windows 11

  • Windows Setup UI New
  • Start Menu Updated
  • Redesigned icons for Centered Taskbar
  • Revamped Action Center has rounded corners to allow for quick action buttons
  • Windows 11 supports multi-monitor support. Windows 11 can remember window positions
  • Integration with Microsoft Teams
  • A new shortcut allows you to call contacts directly
  • Windows 11 Widgets (full-screen experience in tablet mode)
  • Make your tablet experience more enjoyable with these changes
  • New touchscreen keyboard that focuses on emojis
  • Microsoft Store Opens

Windows 11 has many changes you can’t see with your naked eye. It offers faster boot times, quicker wake from sleep, faster Windows Hello, and 40% smaller Windows Updates. There is also lower energy consumption.

Microsoft Store has been redesigned with entertainment sections and support for unpackaged Microsoft.EXE or.MSI Win32 applications. A new Xbox app is also available.


New Snap Assist now gives us more ways to arrange multiple app windows on the desktop screen. Snap Groups is a feature that Windows 11 can use to remember how many app windows are arranged.

When will Windows 11 be released?

Microsoft has not yet revealed the exact Windows 11 release date. Microsoft has not yet revealed the exact release date for Windows 11.

To get Windows 11 upgrades, your PC must meet the system requirements. The update will not be available simultaneously to all compatible devices.

Microsoft also confirmed that Windows 11 pre-installed PCs will be available in the second half of this year.

What are your thoughts about Windows 11? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below.

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