11 Reasons To Buy A Windows Laptop Over Mac

Windows 11 has been officially launched. Apple also released macOS Monterey at WWDC 2021. The debate between the Mac and PC Windows Laptop Over Mac is back with the 2021 updates. Here are 11 reasons why you should buy a Windows laptop instead of a Mac.

11 Reasons to Buy a Windows Laptop

Why a Windows Laptop is better than a Mac

1. Choice Of Hardware

Windows laptops are more versatile than Macs, as they come in a variety of sizes and shapes. You can either build it yourself or buy it.

There are 360 options for laptops, tablets, and notebooks. You also have the option to purchase powerful desktop systems. Windows systems are far more versatile and offer a wider range of hardware options than other hardware.

2. More Input Methods

The input method is another area in which Windows laptops excel. A touch-screen Windows laptop can be attached to a gaming mouse with custom buttons or used as a pen.

Mac’s intuitive gestures and shortcuts make it easier to use, but a touchscreen or pen input is a big miss from the Apple side. If you choose Apple, you will need to purchase an iPad and MacBook.

You can have both the touch-screen and pen input on Windows by purchasing any laptop that has touch and pen input. Touch-screen optimization is also a key feature of Windows 11.

3. Windows is better than Mac in terms of upgradeability

You can select the configuration that you prefer when you purchase a Windows laptop. You can choose whether you would like touch input or 360-notebook. You can also upgrade if that is not enough.

Future-proofing your Windows systems can be done by simply swapping out any component you like. A 256GB SSD might not be enough for you. You can probably get a 512GB SSD. You can upgrade if 8GB RAM is not enough.

This is only possible for Macs. When you order your Mac, you can select the configuration that interests. You cannot upgrade your Mac Pro with time. It costs around $5,000.

If you have a limited budget, a Windows laptop with upgradability is a good choice. You can easily upgrade the configuration at any time.

4. Cost-Effective

Windows laptops are available in many sizes and configurations. You can also find them in all price ranges. A decent Windows laptop can be purchased for as low at $300. When you upgrade your laptop, this efficiency continues to shine.

Windows laptops have more affordable components than Macs. You can also find them from different manufacturers, so you can pick the one that suits your needs.

5. Repair costs

Windows laptops have a lower repair cost than Macs, which is a continuation of their cost-effectiveness. You won’t have to spend a lot on a replacement keyboard or a display upgrade.

A Windows machine can also be used as a DIY project if you are a power user. You can replace and repair components yourself. You can always find qualified third-party technicians to repair the machine.

6. Windows has More Freeware

To give you an idea, the Download dot Com file repository hosts more than 55,000 freeware Windows packages. This site only has a little more than 4,500 Mac-friendly packages. There are many paid and free programs available for Windows.

We compared Windows 11 with the Mac App Store after it was released. Windows 11 is capable of running Android apps. This means that the Microsoft Store now offers over 4 million apps. This is almost four times the number of apps available in the Mac App Store.

How to Add any Program to the Right-Click Menu

7. Windows Laptops are better than Macs for Gamers

Gaming is a different experience for Mac than Windows. This is undisputed. All Windows machines can be upgraded to meet your gaming needs.

Windows 11 also includes features such as Auto HDR with DirectX 12 which solidifies its position among the top platforms for gamers.

8. You can build your own ecosystem

Apple ecosystem is something I love as a Mac user for many years. I use it every time I transfer files from my Mac to my iPhone or vice versa. It can also be irritating, as you cannot use any other device.

Windows laptops allow you to choose which apps you would like to use and create your own ecosystem. You have the option to choose from the Microsoft defaults, or you can choose from many options for Windows, iOS, and Android.

9. Mass Presence

According to statistics, 87% of desktops are Windows laptops. This means that if you have a problem with your Windows laptop, there will be someone to assist you.

Some software is only available for Windows because of the widespread presence of Windows in offices. If you own a Mac that is Windows-exclusive, it might be worth looking for ways to run Windows from a Mac.

10. Developer-Friendly

Microsoft Windows 11 allows developers to add their own commerce engines into the Windows Store. It also stated that it would not take any cut or commission from developers.

Windows provides a lot of flexibility for developers, and it’s free.

11.Windows 11

I saved the best for the final. Windows 11 is a significant improvement on Windows 10. Windows 11 is a major improvement on Windows 10. It has better graphics, optimized touch input, and Android app compatibility.

These features make Windows 11 a better choice than a Mac.

Do I prefer a Windows computer to a Mac?

Although no machine is perfect Windows gives you many options to make your computer as perfect as possible. If you are looking for something that you can tweak around with, a Windows laptop is better than a Mac.

Windows also offer more processing power and models for those on a tight budget than Macs. The cost-effectiveness does not end with the purchase but continues with the repair and the free software.

If you are looking for an upgradable, flexible machine that can be customized with many options, a Windows laptop is the best choice.

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