Best Discord Bots For 2021: Use For Moderation, Music, And Games

Discord is an app that is fun and full of unique features. There are many Best Discord Alternatives For Gamers And Non-Gamers. There are also plugins and some of the most amazing Best Discord Bots. The wide variety of bots is what makes it so popular in the gaming community. These Discord bots are great for moderation, meme bots, and music bots. There is a bot for everything on Discord.

Many people don’t know which bots work best for them as beginners. Among these bots, there are some that stand out above the rest. Look no further if you want to improve your discord experience. Websites such as and have more bots. If you are unsure how to add bots in Discord, check out this article.

Best Discord Moderation Bots


MEE6 is the best Discord bot to moderate. It scans your chat for rules violations, spam, spoilers and other links. It can kick, mute or ban users from your server depending on the settings. Premium users can play music on their server with the Premium version. This bot is ideal for large audiences. It can also create notifications for Twitch and YouTube and Reddit.


Dyno is an easily customizable server moderation bot that can be customized to your server. It has a simple web dashboard. It makes managing your server easier. Dyno can be used to do many things, including moderation, auto roles and mods, reaction roles, starboard, moderation, moderation, and auto roles. Cleverbot integration is also available. This allows you to post, view game stats, Google search results, and stream YouTube music.


Arcane is a moderation bot that allows you to level up by active participation. Users will gain more access to server features and roles by leveling up. Arcane has a simple dashboard that allows you to manage rewards, level-up notifications and XP options. Arcane gives you full control over your leveling and other settings.

Best Discord Music Bots


Octave is one of the most used music bots on Discord. You can play any song on YouTube or Soundcloud. These songs will be managed by the server admins, but they can be voted off or continued to play by listeners.


Rythm has one the largest Discord userbases, with more than 16 million servers. You can play songs from many sources, including YouTube, SoundCloud and Twitch. (Spotify is also available with workarounds). It supports lyrics and autoplay of songs.

Best Discord General Bots

Dank Memer

Dank Memer is the best Discord mem bot. It’s full of memes and fun, as well as unique experiences. This is one of the best Discord meme bots, as memes are vital to every gamer. This meme bot allows you to create your own memes from any template it has in its database. All you have to do is add text to your image. You can also steal from other users, play games, and purchase funny items using the currency system.


GameStats allows you to create a profile and view the game stats for yourself and your friends. It supports Rainbow Six Siege and CSGO, Paragons, Paladins. Overwatch, Smite.

Best Discord Game Bots


Epic RPG for those who enjoy text-based RPGs. Not only can you level up, but you can also sell and earn items for other members of the server. You can also use commands to fight other members. It features dungeons and hunts as well as quests.


PokeMeow is a game that lets you catch Pokemon. It’s very similar to Pokemon Go in that it has different pokemon rarities as well as PokeCoins which you can use to purchase Ultraballs or Master balls.


Mudae is a must-have for any server if you’re a huge anime fan. You can customize over 60,000 anime characters and battle against other characters in this game. Rocket casino has pokemon and you can also play a variety of word-based multiplayer games. Auto-generation is available for anime quotes and many other useless things.

Which Bot do you prefer? Please leave a comment below.

Discord Bots FAQs

What are some Discord bots that you like?

Use the tags at to search for bots that are gaming, music, or general entertainment.

Are Discord bots safe?

Although most bots on Discord seem to be safe, there are some exceptions. Make sure you only use trusted bots when running your server.

Are Discord bots able to make money?

If the service you offer is unique and exceptional, your Discord bot can be monetized. This will enable you to reach a wider audience and monetize your Bot more effectively.

What bots can be added to Discord?

Websites such as and can help you find the bots that you need. Invite these bots to your server, and then give them the appropriate permissions and roles.

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