10 Best Money Making Apps For Android

We all have times when we wish to make a little extra money. The extra money you make now can be very helpful in emergency situations. Take the COVID-19 Pandemic as an example. This threat has forced many people to work at home. But not everyone is able to use technology to make a few extra dollars per month.

One way to supplement your income and overcome the lack of resources is to explore freelance opportunities. Whether you’re a full-time employee or a freelancer, there’s no guaranteed way to make money, but these Android apps can be helpful in generating a decent secondary income. In this article, we’ll be sharing some of the best Android apps that you can install on your smartphone and try out for yourself. These apps offer a variety of opportunities for both freelancers and non-freelancers, and can be used to earn money on the side.

List of 10 Best Money Making Apps For Android

Noting that these apps require hard work and won’t make you rich overnight is important. To earn decent income, you must understand how these apps work. We recommend watching YouTube videos and visiting the company’s website to get a better understanding.

1 Zareklamy

Zareklamy is one of the most underrated money-making apps on this list. This app offers full-time and part-time jobs to all citizens of every country.

The app offers many ways to make money. The app allows you to play games, complete surveys, and type texts. You can also answer questions, view ads, browse websites, create an account, and complete offers.

2 Etsy

Etsy is a great platform for artists looking to sell their art and crafts. Etsy is very similar to eBay but focuses more on arts & crafts.

Etsy allows you to set up your shop and sell anything you like. You can manage your shop, orders, and listings with the Android mobile app.

3 Ibotta

If you like to shop online, you should give Ibotta an opportunity. You can get real cashback with this app, which is free and available online and in-store.

It gives you cashback when you shop for groceries and essential items. You shouldn’t expect to make decent money from it.

4 Google Opinion Rewards

This app was created by the Google Surveys team. You will need to answer some basic questions about yourself before you can use the app. After answering basic questions about yourself, you will be sent surveys periodically by the app.

You can earn credit for answering surveys. This app is decent for making money and doesn’t require any hard work.

5 Surveys On The Go

The app works in a similar way to the Google Opinion Rewards that were previously mentioned. Surveys On The Go allow you to complete surveys for cash. This one, however, pays in cash, not like Google Opinion Rewards.

There are only a few surveys per month. This app is not likely to make you a lot of money.

6 Kormo Jobs

Kormo Jobs is not an app that will make you rich, but it can help you find entry-level positions. Kormo Jobs is a great app for anyone who’s looking for work.

Google supports Kormo Jobs and could help you locate new jobs with verified employers. Kormo Jobs is a great app to find a job.

7 Amazon Seller

It is currently the most popular e-commerce website. Amazon Seller allows you to sell your product by opening a seller account. Amazon Seller is an open platform.

You can sell pretty much everything on Amazon, like grocery items, books, refurbished smartphones, etc.

8 YouTube

YouTube is the most used video platform right now. YouTube is a great place to showcase your talents if you’re good at them. You won’t get millions of subscribers in a day, but you can earn enough if you have the right content and are consistent.

If we talk about the money earning options, you can make money on YouTube via Advertising, Channel Membership, Merchandise shelf, Super Chat, etc.

9 LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the most trusted business network. This app allows you to make connections with industry leaders within your local community.

Sign up on LinkedIn to complete your profile. To find a job, you will need to add your education, experience, and hobbies.

10 Foap

Foap is a great app for mobile photographers looking to make money selling their photos. You can upload photos to this app and then sell them to well-known brands around the globe.

What’s more valuable is that Foap distributes your content through partners like Getty images to help you grab more buyers.

These are the top ten money-making Android apps. I hope you found this article helpful. It is a great article! Please share it with friends. We would love to hear about any other apps like this one. Please leave a comment below.

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