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When was the last time that you used the Facebook search tool? Although it was likely a while ago, did you know that Facebook’s search box is extremely powerful?

Many people believe that Facebook search can only be used to find people and pages. But, they don’t realize how much it does more. It’s not entirely our fault. Graph Search was introduced in 2014. It has made the search engine on Facebook more complicated. There are now many options and query syntax.

What can I do with the Facebook Search Engine to find out?

You can see the placeholder “Search Facebook” in Facebook’s search prompt. This means you can search any post that you have seen previously on Facebook, as well as all of your friends’ shared items.

Facebook requires that you use natural language to form your search queries. This is a completely different search engine than Google. Facebook automatically generates suggestions and prompts for you when you type in a phrase or name of a friend. These suggestions are personalized and are unique to each user. They are based on their past activities.

1. Facebook – Find friends, groups, and pages

What is Facebook without friends? There are many options for searching for family and friends. You can search for people by city, education, work and mutual friends. To get the desired results, you can also use these patterns in your search box:

  • My friends
  • My closest friends
  • Friends of my friends
  • Friends of Sarah

2. Tips and tricks to easily search for interests, likes, photos, and more

It’s easy to find friends you like with the new Facebook search. You can type Friends who love to get top suggestions for what your friends are interested in. You can also use filters such as Pages, Photos, and People to refine your search results.

To search for photos of friends or family, you can use phrases such as ” Photo of “. You can also search your previous liked photos or posts. Search “Photos/posts like by me” You can also use this search syntax for photos/posts that you are friends with. You can replace “me” by “my friends” or “a specific friend.”

You can also use Facebook search to find the exact keyword you are looking for. Searches can be started with keywords such as cake recipe Carol or Lisa wedding. You can also use phrases you know from a specific post.

3. How to Search for Restaurants Friends Have Visited

Do you find yourself swooning over a friend’s favorite chicken pie? Facebook can help with that too. You can search for restaurants your friends have been to.

1. Search for “restaurants” in the search bar.

2. Scroll down to click on Places

3. To see a list of restaurants visited by your friends, click on the “Visited By Friends” button.

4. Facebook also allows you to search for videos. 

To find what you are looking for, use phrases such as trailers, music videos, and so on. Ex. La La Land Trailer.

You’ll also find a section called “Your Watchlist”, where you can view videos from pages you like and follow.

5. Check out the latest news articles on Facebook

Facebook has become a popular news source for users in recent years. To search for links/news/posts related to…, you can also use hashtags.

6. Search Games and Music

Facebook also hosts many games and music. Search for Candy Crush and Words With Friends to find games. You can search for your favorite musicians and bands to get the latest information on their releases.

7. Search the Facebook Marketplace and Online Events

Facebook allows you to shop, even though you might not have realized it. You can search for what you want and refine your query by using the category filters.

Facebook Marketplace is a useful feature. However, be aware of sellers with suspicious listings to avoid being scammed.

The events filter allows you to search for events in your area or for the upcoming birthdays and events of friends. You can select from a variety of categories such as comedy, dancing, fitness, gaming, and so on.

8. You can also use the Facebook search option for photos and posts.

You will be able see your posts, activities, tags in posts, interactions, groups, connections and information about you.

9. Facebook: Find a phone number

Last but not the least, Facebook allows you to search for a number. You can search for your phone number using the search bar. If it’s public, it will be visible to you.

10. Find Jobs

Facebook introduced a Job search feature in 2007 that could prove to be an effective tool for anyone looking for work opportunities around the globe.

Click on the link to access the Jobs section of Facebook’s home page. Learn more options. Filters can be applied to filter the job type (full-time or part-time), as well as the pay. Are you looking to hire someone? You can create a job alert by clicking the “Create Job” button below the filters.

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Search Limitations

Facebook search, like any technology, has its limitations. You won’t be able to find anything outside of Facebook as Google. Facebook claims it won’t track your data, but online activity, which is a remarkable claim. You know the truth because it’s Facebook.

The privacy settings can have an impact on search results. Facebook takes care of your privacy settings.

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