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We’re growing by 300% per month. SEMrush data, make sure you double-check. We aren’t just a news site on technology we are a community Today!

  1. 70% of the Content Rankings are in the top SERPs that we publish on our website. Check-in AHREF or SEMrush!
  2. We have a huge inside marketing staff. We promote all content that is published on techviral.
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We strive to publish about 24 high-quality tech-related articles each week. We avoid multiple articles by the same author during the same week. We have limited resources to do the editing and publication process, therefore, be flexible with us and expect responses from us within working days. We receive a lot of submissions, but we are unable to give feedback.

The Requirement for Publishing Your Tech Content here

  1. We require at least 1600 words of text, excluding the title and bio.
  2. Two links are the maximum number that can be added to your site. Be sure you’re adding links to a high-quality and secure site.
  3. You can include multiple links to various sources, such as Wikipedia, Forbes, etc.
  4. We receive hundreds of emails every day, but due to the limited resources available, it’s difficult to follow up or reply repeatedly to the same message. Each content we reject will be sent to our publisher partners. They may or will publish your content anyplace. However, in this instance, the links you have added are not deleted.
  5. We presume that you have complied with the above conditions and that only you send us your content.

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Become Premium Author

Are you interested in collaborating or partnering with techviral? Share a variety of content instantly, without approval through our author access for premium users. Authors can edit, create, remove as well as publish and share their personal content immediately (and add media files). Two Do-follow links per article can be used by premium authors.

Be part of our writer’s community today.

We Can Write For You

If you’d prefer us to write and publish articles that are tailored to your company’s design and needs. We have a highly experienced marketing team that is able to thoroughly analyze the business and plan the content in line with their findings. If you’d like to work with us, please send us topics or keywords you want to write about. We don’t have any random assignments. It’s less expensive than having internal writers.

Make an advertisement with us

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We are more than a technical website. Are COMMUNITY NOW

How You Can Write Modern Technology Blogs For Us – Write For Us

We are always looking for contributors who can provide their expertise and to write they possess. The techviral tagline reads “Share your expertise”. We are grateful to businesses and bloggers for joining us in publishing useful content. We also promote the content on Our social media platforms. With Make an App Like, you’ll be able to get your message to a wider audience who is eager and looking forward to reading great technical content. You can write tech and finance, business, and futuristic technical blogs on our behalf of us.

“Write For Us on Business and “write for us”

Are you looking for a fresh business blog concept? Are you eager to share your blog’s content with the millions of people who use who visit the right spot? Write for us on the business or startup niches. MAAL MAAL offers the option for Business Technology to write for us on the most current and trending subjects. Contributors and guest writers are able to write for Us on Business Technology, Technology Trends Gadgets Marketing Strategies Social Media Strategies and development and Programming Updates, Startup Ideas Business Growth, and more.

Get Listed Free in the Top Firms Category

  • We will include your company’s logo in the ” Top 10 List” you’d like. The rank will range from 3-10 based on the available positions.
  • You must add your techviral symbol or badge to the footer of your page with the same number of top 10 list URLs.
  • It will only help to gain more customers.
  • Include your business in the top 10 without placing a logo on your site.

Benefits Of Write For Us on Modern +Technology

  • Get The Authority For Your Domain

Every website needs to be able to demonstrate a high Domain Authority. You can boost the level of your Domain Authority by contributing an article to our website. In the process, the blog’s stats improve.

  • Always Expect Better Traffic

The majority of the content we publish on our site ranks at the top of the list. If content that is of high quality has an adequate search volume, you will see consistent visitors from it. Through a well-written guest blog post. It can increase the value of your blog while growing the number of visitors to your website.

  • Create new contacts.

More traffic means more visitors to your website which results in an increase in sales and leads.

  • Domain Evaluation

The Domain Rating of a website is also an important factor in determining its value. Therefore maintaining a high domain authority is crucial. It is easy to boost the value of your domain by writing guest blog posts on authoritative blogs such as ours.

  • The position for your keyword will rise.

It is mentioned in the end, but this is the primary reason every blogger posts content on other websites. In addition, writing articles that are well-researched for other blogs that contain relevant keywords can boost the site’s ranking on search engines.

S. NoTopics that you can write are:Search Terms Related to Modern Technologieswrite for us technology
0 Emerging TechnologyArticles”Write for us tech”write for us technology
1 Artificial Intelligence (AI)Articles“guest post”technology write for us
2 Machine Learning (ML)Articles “write for us”tech write for us
3 Augmented Reality (AR)Articles “guest article”write for us tech
4 Virtual Reality (VR)Articles “guest post opportunities”write for us + technology
5 Internet of Behaviors (IoB)Articles “this is a guest post by”technology “write for us”
6 Internet of Things (IoT)Articles “contributing writer”write for us + tech
7 Blockchain TechnologyArticles  “want to write for”tech “write for us”
8 CybersecurityArticles  “submit a blog post”modern technology blogs write for us
9 App DevelopmentArticles “contribute to our site”technology + “write for us” + guest post
10 Cloud ComputingArticles “guest column”technology business write for us
11 Wearable TechnologyArticles  “submit content”write for us business technology
12 Human ResourcesArticles “submit your content”tech blog write for us
13 Remote onboardingArticles  “submit a post”technology + write for us
14 SoftwareArticles “This post was written by”“write for us” technology
15 HardwareArticles “guest post”business technology write for us
16 MobilesArticles “guest posting guidelines”how to write a good tech blog
17 Gadgets ReviewsArticles “suggest a post”how to write tech blogs
18 TabletsArticles “submit an article”how to write a tech blog
19 Desktop MaintenanceArticles “contributor guidelines”how to write tech blog
20 5G networksArticles  “submit news”how to write a blog on technology
21 NetworkingArticles  “become a guest bloggertech blogs write for us
22WebsiteArticles  “guest blogger”technology blog write for us
23OpinionsArticles “looking for guest posts”technology write for us guest post
24Article BlogsArticles  “guest posts wanted”write technical blogs
25DiscussionArticles “submit a guest post”Articles “become an author”
26Point of ViewArticles “guest poster wanted”Articles  “become a contributor”
27JournalsArticles  “accepting guest posts”Articles “articles wanted”
28LinksArticles “writers wanted”Articles “become a guest writer”

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