1973 D Quarter – A Rare Coin From the 1970s

If you’re looking for a vintage coin that dates back to the 1970s, you’ve come to the right place. The 1973 d quarter is a rare example that is worth at least $5 on eBay. The condition of the coin is not the most important factor when investing in it, but it does affect its value. Read on to learn more about this popular coin. A 1973 D quarter is commonly referred to as a Bugs Bunny quarter.

This error occurred on the obverse die because the obverse of the coin had the letter D doubled. This occurred because the original die used in coin making was not perfect. In middle of 1979, the mint began replacing the obverse hubs, improving the clarity of the mint mark. The mint corrected this error with the 1981-D pennies, which were introduced after the D quarter was made. The obverse of a coin is nearly indistinguishable from the obverse, and is often mistaken for a 1971-D quarter.

As a 1973-D Washington Quarter, it’s difficult to find an MS+ condition. While it can still be found in circulation, acquiring one in MS66 or higher will prove to be a challenge. Mint sets and rolls of these coins are a great way to find them. MS67 coins, on the other hand, are very hard to find. It is a must-have for any Washington Quarter collector. It’s important to note that this coin was minted by the Denver Mint.

A 1973-D Washington Quarter in Brilliant Uncirculated (BU) condition is a great buy. Although it shows minor wear and some visible problems, it is still worth a lot. Its beauty makes it an excellent value for your collection. Its eye appeal is excellent and its mint mark is not distorted. It is also a great investment if you’re looking for a rare 1973-D Washington Quarter. There are very few 1973-D coins in this grade and it’s not easy to find one with a nice BU condition.

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