American Memorial Park Quarter

The new American Memorial Park quarter has been released! It’s the second one released in 2019 and the 47th overall. This design features the famous Washington Monument in the center. The reverse side features the words “United States of America – American – Northern Mariana Islands – 2019 – E Pluribus Unum.”

The series celebrates America’s national parks and historic sites. Each year, the mint issues five American Memorial Park quarters. The park’s dedication to the lives of the Pacific War soldiers is the inspiration behind the coin’s design. As the park’s name suggests, it was struck by the Philadelphia Mint. The coins are expected to be available later this year. Aside from the coins featuring the park, there will also be an America the Beautiful coin focusing on the Northern Mariana Islands.

Aside from the coins showcasing the park’s history, this 2019-D coin also features a map of the North Mariana Islands. The park’s 133-acres contain a number of wayside markers explaining events that took place there. Other wayside markers highlight the island’s artifacts and architectural remnants. A portrait of George Washington by John Flanagan graces the obverse of the coin. The inscriptions on the reverse are all inscribed.

The 2019-W American Memorial Park Quarter is a choice brilliant uncirculated coin. Hand-selected for eye appeal and mint luster, it is guaranteed to look great. A coin capsule is included with this coin to help protect it from the elements. It is presented in an attractive acrylic holder for protection. It also features a label signed by John Mercanti, the 12th Chief Engraver at the U.S. Mint.

The face value of the 2019 American Memorial Park Quarter is $0.25. Coin collectors who want to sell their coins should send them to a professional coin grading service. Aside from being a great investment, this coin is also a great way to save a little bit of money for your future. The face value on these coins is worth $0.25 each and can be used as cash, saved, or deposited in a bank.

The design on the 2019 American Memorial Park Quarter is very popular, and a double-clipped coin can be worth more than $100! However, these coins were produced in limited numbers. You can still find one with a few errors, but they’re rare. But the mintages of these coins are much lower. A single clipped coin can fetch $75, while a double or triple-clipped quarter can bring you more than $100.

These coins are part of the America the Beautiful series. The series commemorates the lives of American and Marianas soldiers and civilians during World War II. The five-ounce silver American Memorial Park quarter honors these sacrifices. This issue will be issued as part of the 2019 America the Beautiful coins. It is also available in Brilliant Uncirculated quality. And, it’s a great way to commemorate the sacrifices of American and Marianas military personnel and civilians in the war.

The five-ounce American Memorial Park coin is the second issue in the America the Beautiful series and the 47th overall. The coin features George Washington, Liberty, and IN GOD WE TRUST. The coin also contains the denomination “QUARTET DOLLAR” and the date. These coins have been struck on special planchets and are intended for collectors. They’re approximately three inches in diameter and are legal tender in the United States.

The clad on the 2019 American Memorial Park Quarter includes a smaller version of the iconic Washington Quarter, modeled after the 1932 plaster by John Flanagan. The Reverse side highlights the environment and character of each state on which they were minted. There are only three 2019 American Memorial Park Quarters with the W mint mark. If you’re interested in purchasing a 2019 American Memorial Park Quarter, be sure to check the condition before you buy it!

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