1984 P Dime Errors

There are several types of 1984 p dime errors that you might encounter. In this article, we will examine several common examples and provide the best ways to avoid them. There are two common errors: off center strike and blank planchet. Off center strike dimes have a misaligned image, which can lead to off-center details. Off-center strike dimes can be worth up to $10 per coin. This type of error is not a mistake, but a normal occurrence that occurs in the minting process.

Broadstrike Roosevelt dimes usually lack the P mint mark. These coins are considered the most valuable dimes ever, and can reach values of $1,500 and more in mint state condition. Another common type of dime error is the double-die reverse error, which occurs when a die is struck twice in the same place during the minting process. The missing die layer exposes the copper core. Both types of errors can affect the value of your coin.

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