1945 S Dime

The 1945-S dime was minted in three styles, the Ball Serif, Micro, and Trumpet Tail. The lower serif of this coin is typically flat, while the upper serif is also flat. This means the coin was punched upside down and therefore has a flat spot on it. The 1945-S dime is not uncommon in uncirculated condition. This is one of the easiest types of 1945-S dimes to find.

The micro-variety of the Mercury Dime, the 1945-S is valued at $3.06 in average condition, and from $35 to $112 in MS+ condition. The 1945-S dime is also a treasure to find within a Mercury Dime series collection. So what makes this coin so valuable? Here are the benefits of owning one. Let’s examine these advantages of collecting these rare coins. So, are they worth your time and effort?

The 1945-S Mercury dime was minted in 42 million pieces. These coins are not difficult to find in the highest Mint State grade. They can be found in significant numbers until MS67. It is also possible to find these coins in Full Band varieties. Interestingly enough, the San Francisco Mint used two different styles of mint marks on the 1945-S dime. Some of them carry a traditional S-type mintmark, while others bear a tiny micro-S mint mark. The micro-S variety is slightly more difficult to find.

The micro-S-style Mercury dime, which had a smaller mintmark than the regular one, was one of the first to reach circulation. The mintage of these rare coins was a record high of 231 million in 1944. However, the Mercury-Head Dime is still the most sought-after US coin. Its rarity makes it more expensive than its regular counterpart. It is also the most sought-after type of Mercury dime.

The micro-S-style coinage has long been the subject of study by numismatists. This type of design was also used on the Philippines’ 1917-S dime. The San Francisco Mint struck a number of these coins during the early twentieth century, and then left the old ones behind. This is why it is so rare today. So what makes it so special? This is the reason why this issue has so many collectors’ appeal.

The micro-S-style version of the 1945-S is much rarer than the regular version. In fact, if all collectors decided to collect this issue, it would have been worth a lot more. While it would be nice to have one of the many Micro-S-style dimes, the actual value of the piece would likely be much higher than the price of a 1945-S. It was also the first ever micro-S dime, and that’s a rare find indeed!

The PCGS and Numismatic Guaranty Corporation both certify this type of coin and certify the value. Each coin is given a numerical rating between one and 70, which is based on the sheldon scale. Coins that receive scores of 60 or higher are considered to be “mint” state coins. These are the highest-valued dimes, and are considered to be among the rarest U.S. coins available.

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