1985 D Quarter Errors

There are a variety of mistakes that can appear on a 1985 D quarter. The Philadelphia mint struck a coin with a stuck obverse die, resulting in an incredibly heavy lip on the right side. As a result, there are four different strikes of the same coin. These coins are very rare and can fetch a price well into the thousands of dollars. A high-grade example of this coin was sold for $1,495 in January 2005, and has since been graded by PCGS as a proof 69. These coins have also been classified as deep cameos.

The most common mistake on an D quarter is that the coin’s rims are not curved. This can result from heavy wear, or intentionally removed edges. In this case, the coin likely came from a casino slot machine, and was not minted at the time. Either way, this error is valuable and can lead to a lot of frustration for collectors. Fortunately, a new technique has made it possible to make two-headed quarters, with both heads and tails pointing upward.

Another common error is the “spitting horse” coin. The 1999 Delaware Spitting Horse Error is caused by a crack in the die at the Philadelphia mint. Because of this, the horse’s mouth looks like it is spitting, which makes the coin a valuable collector’s item. In addition to the above mentioned error coins, there are many other errors that have been produced by the Philadelphia mint. Some of these coins can fetch several hundred dollars.

Although the 1985-D Washington Quarter is not particularly rare, with a mintage of over 519 million coins, it is very difficult to find an example of it in high-grade condition. PCGS has graded just 219 examples in MS-66, and only two in MS-67. There are also two 1985-D Washington Quarters that share the title of finest known coins. They are the best-known proof coins.

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