1999-P Delaware Spitting Horse Quarter

A 1999-P Delaware spitting horse quarter is an extremely rare and highly sought-after die crack variety. These coins have a reverse die crack, making them appear as though the horse is spitting. There are a few reasons to buy a 1999-P Delaware spitting horse quarter, including the fact that the die crack is visible and can be a valuable investment. Here are some ways to find a good deal on a 1999-P Delaware spitting horse quarter.

The most common reason why the state of Delaware has a high value in coin collecting is because of its historical significance. A 1999-P Delaware quarter is a prime example of a state quarter error. Its face value is $0.25, but a 1999-P Delaware spitting horse quarter can be worth anywhere from three to twenty dollars, depending on its condition. If you have a coin with this error, it’s likely to be in the $3-20 range. However, if you want to collect these coins for future generations, you should keep in mind that a 1999-P state quarter will be worth up to $5. If you’re lucky, you can even find one that’s worth as little as 25 cents.

The 1999-D Delaware quarter depicts the first president’s nighttime ride from Dover to Philadelphia. The mint has placed the dates 1787 and DELAWARE over the bust of the first president. Caesar Rodney’s initials are to the left of the galloping horse, while William Cousins’ initials are located below the bust. Finally, the date of issue and motto “E Pluribus Unum” are found on the bottom of the coin.

The 99-P Delaware spitting horse quarter is one of the most interesting error coins in the history of the 50 State Quarters program. It is worth between $5 and $10 if you find it in worn or uncirculated condition. It is rare but not uncollectable. Regardless of the grade, you will want to carefully check the condition and rarity before purchasing. If it is in good condition, the 1999-P Delaware spitting horse quarter can fetch up to $1.50.

Another error coin in the history of the United States is the 2004-D Wisconsin quarter. This coin shows an extra leaf near the primary left leaf. It is known as the Extra High Leaf variety. Another error variety features an extra leaf on the lower portion of the coin. These coins are highly collectible and are worth between $50 and $100. So, if you are considering collecting these Wisconsin quarters, consider investing in them.

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