The 7 Best Certifications For Ethical Hacking

Today, the world is more technologically dependent than ever before, and this trend will never slow down in the coming future because of ethical hacking. The increasing usage of the latest technologies has resulted in the rise of cyberattacks. Such a rise in cyberattacks has led to increasing career opportunities in the cybersecurity domain. The Certified Ethical Hacker Certification enables individuals to learn about modern hacking techniques, practices, and tools used by hackers to hack any network maliciously. It is the best certification for ethical hacking.

Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH)

A Certified Ethical Hacker is responsible for looking into the target system’s weaknesses and vulnerabilities to assess its security posture. This activity is done lawfully and legitimately using the same hacking tools and techniques used by malicious hackers. The EC-Council is responsible for offering the CEH certification and conducting the CEH examination. The current version of this examination is CEH v11, and the exam code is 312-50. Here are the top 10 Operating Systems For Hackers You Must Know.

CEH Examination Prerequisites

To appear for the CEH exam, one has to attend the official training of the CEH course at an Accredited Training Centre (ATC), like Koenig Solutions, or EC-Council’s iClass, a learning portal. Individuals opting for self-study have to submit proof of having at least two years of hands-on experience in the Information Security domain. 

The CEH examination primarily concentrates on the latest hacking tools, newly emerging attack vendors, and the latest malware attacks. After this course’s every module, hacking challenges are included. This cybersecurity certification is based on 100% compliance with the NICE 2.0 framework. It also received the GCHQ Certified Training accreditation and is accredited by the American National Standard Institute.

Top 7 Ethical Hacking Courses

  • Ethical Hacking Course For Beginners

This course is created by Hackers Academy and is ideal for beginners in the Information Security domain. It involves three modules – foundation, lab setup, and hacking. This course is beneficial for individuals who do not have any knowledge of hacking. It offers two hours of videos and assignments. Therefore, one can learn all the basics of hacking in just two hours. 

  • Cybersecurity For Managers: A Playbook

Cybersecurity is a significant and crucial factor for IT as well as other firms that run their operations through cloud technology. Executives and decision-makers can pursue this course, as it helps them empower their teams to maintain the data and working environment safe and secure. Moreover, professionals seeking this course can gain insights into risk management. 

  • Learn Ethical Hacking Online

There are 20 different sub-courses involved in the Learn Ethical Hacking Online course. From a complete novice candidate to individuals having some experience in the cybersecurity domain, all courses are available. One can learn about Scanning Networks, Kali Linux, Session Hijacking, Footprinting, Enumeration, etc., in this course. The duration of this course is variable. 

  • Become An Ethical Hacker

This course enables individuals to learn about multiple hacking concepts, like System Hacking, Denial of Service, etc. It allows individuals to gain the skills and knowledge required to build their careers in the Information Security domain. This course concentrates on each section, covers upcoming and the latest threats to a network, and hands-on practice for utilizing tools for threat identification. 

  • Penetration Testing And Ethical Hacking

This course includes 19 modules, where individuals can learn hacking from the most ground level to the most advanced level. It covers hacking concepts, such as Trojans, Denial of Service, System Hacking, Session Hijacking, etc. 

  • Ethical Hacking Course For Beginners and Experts

Individuals in this training program can gain in-depth knowledge of five different hacking phases, how to identify risks, and measures to avoid them. This program is an entry-level course covering topics like cryptography, cloud computing, and penetration testing. 

  • Hacking And Patching Certification By University Of Colorado

This hacking course is divided into four different modules, along with relevant projects. It helps professionals to gain knowledge of the skills required to hack and patch web applications. Moreover, it offers training for using several tools, like the Kali Penetration Testing Suite and Nessus Scanning tool. 


Koenig Solutions is a global leader in providing IT Certifications training. It offers fruitful ethical hacking training that helps applicants become ethical hackers in top renowned companies and enterprises. Individuals can learn the CEH course from skilled cybersecurity instructors. Moreover, this training organization offers different training modes, and individuals can choose as per their requirements. 


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