How To Choose The Best Doctor Appointment Software For Your Hospital And Clinics?

Scheduling and appointments are an important part of healthcare systems like hospitals and Clinics. Day in day outpatients come in and to manage them and serve them effectively Doctors have to prepare a schedule. Now, for a small clinic or a Hospital with 1-2 doctors, you can manage things manually. However, as the scale of operation gets bigger or the footfall increases you have to take the route of technology to manage stuff. That’s why we see that the big healthcare establishments and even individual clinics with decent footfall call for telemedicine software development to manage the patients. From the healthcare sector, this is a major demand that the IT and development segment is fulfilling.

Having a Doctor Appointment Booking Software is useful for the patients as well. As we see that from grocery to bookings people have got used to the on-demand apps. So, when it comes to searching for a doctor near them, booking appointments, and paying the fee they prefer such systems. The benefit of the on-demand app is that patients can easily check the profile of the hospital, clinic, and doctors to know more about their experience and specialties. Further, they get to share the feedback about the doctor and at the same time read the feedback of others which makes it better from the perspective of both the parties involved. Thus, kind of a win-win situation.

Now, if you are an individual doctor running a clinic or are a hospital manager or owner then the idea of having a doctor on-demand app might have convinced you. As you go further with the idea of having such software it’s important to Checkout More About the On-Demand Doctor App, like how to get the best one as per your needs. Taking that in regards here we are going to discuss the same. So, just carry on reading.

Patient Details                                          

The first and foremost thing for any hospital or clinic is the patients. Thus, when you look for an app to ease the functioning the first thing to look for is whether it is ok in regards to patient’s data management. The software that you choose must be convenient for the patients in the sense that they can easily enter the details. Further for the hospital and clinic, it should be providing the data about each patient in a pointwise and synchronized manner as it is entered by the patients.

This must include the facility to track the entire health cycle of patients from basic details like height and weight to the lab reports and the history of any previous disease. These features are essential not only for keeping records but to smoothen the functioning by eliminating the need to visit the things from start again and again.

Uploading And Chatting

The times of pandemic have only made us realize that online doctor consultation is also possible. However, this was available before and would be prevalent in the times to come. Therefore it is important for you to choose software that comes in with features where the patients can interact with the doctors. Further, they should also have video call integration to make sure that video call for diagnosis is possible.

Talking of the online doctor-patient interaction it is important that the app should have features to upload reports of tests and scans of the patients. The reports and scans are very important for the doctor to effectively diagnose the situation and suggest cure and medicine. Hence you should look for such integration.


It is important that the software that you are using is of proper enterprise-grade. What we mean that various departments of the hospitals from OPD to administration shall be able to connect with the software. This is useful for intra-hospital and intra-clinic operations to ensure a smooth and steady flow of the process. Understanding this by an example would mean that if a patient requests OPD services then the administration department should get the notification of that. Getting the notification would allow them to convey to the patients the slots in which the OPD of a particular specialist doctor is available. Further, this would provide the estimated number of bookings per slot to the doctor who can then plan his visit accordingly. Thus, synchronization of workflow is achieved.

Billing And Payments

Another major feature that an effective and efficient appointment software must have is the ease of billing and payment option. This includes a centralized billing system where the record of upfront payments and transactions online can be easily maintained and tracked. Further, it should have the feature to categorize the billing as those patients with health insurance and the claim should be billed separately from those who don’t have such claims. Also to settle the claims quickly and fast the software should be synchronized well with the centralized claim and settlement system of the major healthcare insurance services provider.

Not only this, a sound payment interface covers the payment that comes from a user end in online mode. For online booking and appointments, the patients should be offered an option to make the payment through various channels like wallet, bank, payment pockets, etc.

Analysis And Assessment

Apart from the above-mentioned important feature, good hospital management software should have an analysis and assessment feature as well. This includes the data of patients that came in monthly, the monthly average footfall, claims-based payment, total monthly cash flow, staff salary, etc which shall be captured and presented. The data assessment is a very important part as it helps in deductions of many conclusions and determines feature action.

Let’s take an example to explain one part of it. Say there are a total of 100 patients who visit the hospital in a month. Out of which say 40 have a revisit scheduled in the coming month. With the assessment of this data, the hospital will be able to send the following visit message to the patients well in advance so that they don’t miss appointments. Similarly, data on salary, cash flow, etc would help in the management of the financial and expenditure-related tasks of the hospital. Thus, data collection and ease of assessment is an important and must-have feature.

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