1993 P Nickel Error Value

When buying a set of coins, it’s wise to look at their error value. If you have a 1993 P nickel, you’ll likely want to look for the error value as well. Whether it’s the letter “P” or the D, the error is easily identifiable. An uncirculated coin of this type can fetch up to $4500. A set of these coins can sell for a much higher price.

The Jefferson Nickel from 1993 is worth between $0.28 and $1.13 in MS+ condition, and will easily fetch tens of thousands of dollars. Another type of error coin is the Special Mint Set (SMS), which never was released to the public. The striking is crisp and this coin was part of the prototype for the 1993 auction. The value of the Special Mint Set (SMS) coin in uncirculated condition is $15,000 or more.

Despite their rarity, the 1993-P Jefferson Nickel is one of the most common errors. The Mint struck over 400 million examples of the 1993-P Jefferson Nickel. These coins are relatively common in MS64 and MS65 conditions. The MS66 and MS67 Full Steps denominations, however, are very rare. The MS67 Full Steps Jefferson Nickel is very rare. If you’re unsure of its value, you can check the error value of your 1993-P Jefferson Nickel on the coin’s back.

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