The Value of a 1995 P Dime

There are many different reasons to own a 1995 p dime. The first reason is that it has two different dates. These may account for the higher price of the lower grade piece. A 1995 p dime is a rare example. It is one of the most popular and collectible coins in the United States. This coin can be worth as much as $55 depending on its condition. The value of a 1995 p dime can be significantly higher than one of its counterparts.

In 1995, two mints issued a total of over a billion dimes, with the Philadelphia mint issuing 1,125,500,000 Roosevelt dimes. The total production of 1995 dimes was slightly higher than the historic totals for 1994. As with any coin, the value of a 1995 p dime depends on its condition, its certification, and the market demand at the time of sale. Although the silver content of a 1995 dime is 90% silver, the copper alloy does not have intrinsic value.

In uncirculated condition, a 1995 P dime is worth around $1. In uncirculated condition, an MS 65 P dime is worth around 10 cents, while an MS65 D dime is worth $2. Likewise, a 1995 p dime is worth as much as a 1994 D dime. If you find an uncirculated example of a 1995 p dime, it will be worth several times its face value.

In addition to this, the United States Mint made the 1995-P Roosevelt Dime. These dimes have a clad material, which means that their outer layer is composed of a mixture of copper and nickel. The inner core, which is solid copper, is also silver. If you find one, the value will be similar to that of an uncirculated 1965 D dime. The value of a 1995 p dime will depend on its condition and rarity.

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