How to Determine the Value of a Quarter Without Ridges

Do you know how to determine the value of a quarter without ridges? The answer may surprise you. It’s surprisingly simple – a quarter without ridges is a rare coin. Here’s what to look for. First, check for a flat surface. Often, smooth surfaces have worn edges. These coins have either been used in vending machines or slots, or the edges were intentionally removed after they left the mint. Otherwise, the coin is either damaged or an error.

The edges of the older quarters often have thick rims and ridges, which are natural. This is because heavy coins often get banged around a lot. This causes the rim to spread and keep the coin lower, giving the illusion of a special design. But the edge of copper and nickel are both easily altered. They’re worn down by thousands of tiny hits each year. That’s why quarters with ridges are rare and valuable.

The United States Mint added ridges to quarters so people wouldn’t be able to trim precious metal from the sides. In the 18th century, silver and gold were used for coins. The value of a quarter without ridges is 25 cents in average condition, but as soon as it’s certified mint state, it can be worth $2! So, if you’re thinking about buying a quarter, remember that the lack of ridges should increase your value!

A quarter without ridges has no ridges. This makes it more difficult for counterfeiters to copy the coin. In addition to removing the ridges, a quarter without ridges may be a fake or counterfeit. However, there are other ways to find a quarter without ridges. You can sell it to a dealer at a much higher price! This is the easiest way to tell a fake quarter is worthless.

Coins with errors are rare and in demand. Some have even reached several hundred dollars in value. Here is a list of common error coins with approximate values. A famous error coin is the 1999 Delaware Spitting Horse. Its die broke during production, which caused extra metal in the horse’s mouth. While it’s not as rare as coins with ridges, its value can range from ten to several hundred dollars.

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