1993 Quarter Errors

The 1993 quarters have a history that goes back to the year the United States Mint released one with a design error. This error caused a broken line to appear in the center of the coin’s motto, making it difficult to determine if the coin was genuine or not. It was not until two years later that the Mint corrected the mistake and released new coins that the error became even more common. The resulting confusion among collectors made it difficult to tell a fake from a genuine coin.

This particular coin was struck on a dime planchet in Philadelphia, and the imprint on the side of the coin is almost 180 degrees off from the one on the other. Despite the mistake, the portrait of Washington can be seen. A similar error occurred in the coin’s production process in Philadelphia in 2000. An auction for the coin was held in Philadelphia, and a 1983 cent sold for $13,200. It is believed that an amusement token inserted by a mischievous mint worker caused this coin to flop onto its side.

In addition to double die error coins, the Minnesota Quarter minted in Philadelphia in 2005 also produced plenty of error coins. PCGS graded more than 50 of these coins, with some of them featuring an extra tree on the reverse side. PCGS gave this variety the reference code FS-801, which was attributed to the ghostly spruce that adorns the state map in Denver. If you are interested in purchasing a 1993 quarter, you can consider getting one today! It’s well worth the effort and money.

The 1993 S silver proof quarter is worth $10. In contrast, the MS 63 choice uncirculated has minor imperfections, and a PR 65 gem uncirculated is worth more. The obverse of the coin bears mint marks that identify the year of production. If you’re looking to buy a 1993 quarter, you can save money on the first one by purchasing a gem proof coin. You can find these coins at collectors’ shows.

Despite the fact that the statehood quarters were produced in vast numbers, most of them still retain very little value. The most valuable statehood quarters, however, are the most difficult to find. Since billions of statehood quarters were minted, finding an error coin is challenging. So, keep your eyes open and never give up! These coins are worth hundreds, even thousands of dollars! The value of an error coin is not fixed, but it can be appreciated in the long run.

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