2007 P Utah Quarter Errors

If you’ve ever seen a proof Utah quarter, you’re not alone. This type of coin is rare and unique for several reasons. For one, the reverse design features two locomotives traveling toward a railroad. Another type of coin with a proof appearance is the Wisconsin quarter, which was produced in silver for special Silver Proof Sets. In addition, these coins are also known as high and low leaf varieties.

Despite the rarity of these coins, they can be worth quite a bit of money. One error is a weak seven, which is two thirds the height of the number 200. Another type of error found on these coins is the missing edge lettering. In 2007, the Wyoming State Quarter Program was nearing completion, and the next five designs would be released. This type of error is also the most rare, with only one known proof containing an error on the reverse.

Other types of errors found on the 2007 P Utah State Quarter include double-dies, partial die breaks, and re-circulation. These coins have a face value of $0.25 and may be worth a few cents to as much as $1. If you have a genuine MS67 Utah State Quarter, you can send it to a grading company for an expert assessment. The average circulation value of this coin is $0.25. In addition to collecting Utah State Quarters, they can be used to pay for college tuition or other expenses.

Another common error occurs with the Statehood quarter, which was made in Denver, Colorado. The mints produced these statehood quarters, with the Denver Mint being the primary source. Some collectors have even spotted these errors in their hands, and they are able to identify them by examining them in detail. If you’re interested in getting a proof Utah State Quarter, you should definitely consider purchasing one.

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