Collecting Coins With the 1993 P Quarter Error

The 1993 p quarter error was the first design flaw to appear on a U.S. coin. The misshapen “P” in the center of the motto of the United States was so easily mistaken for a counterfeit that the obverse side of the coin became unrecognizable. This caused confusion among coin collectors and made it difficult to find a genuine coin. There are several causes for this flaw, and the best way to avoid a similar problem is to collect coins with different design flaws.

The first flaw was caused by an improperly-struck coin. The Indiana quarter was struck on a dime planchet. Its imprint is 180 degrees off from its original position. While the design is unrecognizable, Washington’s portrait is still visible. This flaw was corrected in a subsequent minting, and a 1993 p quarter with the same error sold for $13,200 at an auction. The coin was probably a byproduct of a mischievous worker feeding an amusement token to a quarter.

Another common flaw occurred with the Minnesota quarter minted in Philadelphia in 2005. The coin features a double die, resulting in an extra tree on the reverse. The PCGS has graded the coin with different types of errors. The most common error is a “doubled die” error, where the master tool used to impress the design slipped and left an extra treetop on the coin. Because of the flaw, the coin’s value will depend on the strength of the doubled impression.

Another popular error is the Delaware Spitting Horse Error. This error is caused by a crack in the die at the Philadelphia mint. The extra metal around the mouth of the horse is supposed to look like spitting. This error can be worth $100 to several hundred dollars, depending on the condition of the coin. The value of a 1993 p quarter error will depend on its rarity and condition. So, don’t be afraid to invest in one!

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