Types of 2019 D Dime Errors

When you receive a 2019 d dime, you have likely received one of two types of errors. A blank planchet error is when the topmost layer of copper on the coin does not adhere to the other sides. The top layer of copper and nickel does not adhere to the surface of the coin. In this case, the obverse is usually a complete failure. These types of errors rarely occur, but when they do, they can bring as much as $10 to $20 per coin.

A broadstrike Roosevelt dime is one of the most desirable dimes in the world. These dime coins are always smooth and in perfect condition, indicating that there was a problem with the collar die. In pristine condition, these coins can bring upwards of $500. The 1964D dime, on the other hand, exhibits a double strike of the die on its reverse side. This type of error makes it impossible to tell whether the coin is a broadstrike or a clipped planchet.

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