1988 P Quarter Mint Error

Whether you’re looking to collect an 1882-D or an 1888-P, the 1988 p quarter mint error has become an increasingly popular coin type in recent years. While a quarter bearing this particular error is rare, these coins can still be incredibly valuable. This article provides a quick overview of this particular error. Hopefully, it will help you understand the nuances of this rare coin type. And while this article doesn’t claim to have all the answers, we will explore the different types of errors that can be found on these coins.

The most common type of 1988 error coin is one with a smooth edge. It is often classified as a post-mint or mint-damaged coin, and has rounded edges. A smooth-edged coin is rarer than one with a rounded edge. Regardless of whether you’re interested in collecting this rare error coin, you’ll want to find one with a retaining collar so that it can be examined properly.

An 1988 p quarter with a reverse die problem can be incredibly valuable. In fact, an extremely rare 1988 D quarter with this error can fetch you as much as $500! And the 1998 D quarter is even rarer and more valuable. As a special edition of the United States dollar, the 1998 D quarter is even rarer, and its value is much higher. Those with a smooth edge will be worth more than a quarter made of the same year.

A third type of quarter that’s worth more is one with a Nevada mint error. A Virginia quarter with a Nevada mint error has a curved clipped planchet, whereas an error with a New Hampshire quarter might contain a straight clipped planchet. There are no known causes for these types of errors, but they are popular with collectors because of the prominent irregularities that they show. There are a few different types of these errors, including double-die and multiple-strikethrough.

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