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1993 p quarter 10550
1993 p quarter 10550

The 1993-P Washington Quarter is a beautiful coin, struck by the first mint facility in the US. Although it does not carry a mint-mark, it is nonetheless highly collectible. The coins feature the portrait of George Washington, the date of mintage, the US National Seal, and the legal tender value of one quarter dollar. In addition, the coins are packaged in coin flip packages, making them perfect for novice collectors. You can purchase a 1993-P Washington Quarter for as little as $1.

The error occurred in the design of the coin, making it very difficult to tell if a coin is fake or not. In 1993, the United States Mint issued a silver quarter with a value error. The “P” was misshapen in the center of the motto. This mistake caused confusion among collectors and made it difficult to tell the genuine article from a fake. Nonetheless, many collectors seek out these coins for their numismatic value.

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