1999 Mule Die Clash Penny

The latest mule die clash has been discovered on a 1999 cent. Amy Antone, a Penny Collector, discovered the coin on the reverse face of this coin. There are two sets of incuse letters that seem to clash at a slight rotation. As of August 2018, no other examples have been found, and no one has authenticated this coin. In the past 20 years, only one other example has been identified in existence.

The “m” on the mule coin may be a result of a die marker that is associated with the error. A similar error could have occurred on the 1870 Shield nickel, a coin that features the same design as the Indian head cent. Despite the fact that the coin may be a mule, it is unlikely to be a genuine mule, as many believe it was the result of a mishap in the mint.

A die clash error is not always visible to collectors, but it can be. A well-known coin dealer will be able to tell if a die clash error has affected a particular penny. For example, a 1999 mule die clash penny should be worth $15 or more, though the rarity of the coin will increase its value. The mintage of these coins is very limited, and they can easily fetch more than $200.

Amy D Antone, a newly elected member of the Society, discovered a mule die clash on a 1999 cent. The incuse letters on this coin are slightly offset from each other, and their tops are obliterated. This indicates that a hammer die tilted a bit to the left when hammering the coin. Amy’s discovery has sparked a large amount of controversy.

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