2020 Weir Farm Quarter Errors

If you find a 2020 Weir Farm National Historic Site Quarter and are wondering if it has any errors, then you have come to the right place. While it is possible to find errors on the face value, these coins are worth much less than their face value. If you have a high grade coin, it could even fetch you as much as $10. If you have a lower grade coin, you can send it to a professional grading company.

There are two types of Weir Farm quarters. The first type contains minor blemishes and contact marks, while the second type contains minimal blemishes or hairlines. In both cases, the coins are eye-catching and have a strong luster. The second type shows minor errors, like creases. The third type shows minor contact marks, but not any noticeable defects. In addition, these coins are highly valuable due to their high luster.

The standard Washington Quarter lasted from 1932-1998, and featured the date and the word “Liberty.” With the introduction of State, Territory, and National Park Quarters, the standard Washington Quarter design changed. The 2020 Weir Farm quarters feature an artist’s painting at the historic park and the motto “A NATIONAL PARK FOR ART.” The national park was founded by Julian Alden Weir and is a national historical site.

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