2022 Drooling Washington Quarter

The U.S. Mint is releasing a new quarter design every year until 2025. The coins will feature the likeness of George Washington on the obverse and a trailblazing American woman on the reverse side. Each design will highlight the accomplishments of a woman who made a major contribution to American culture and history. The 2022 drooling Washington quarter is one of five new designs being introduced in the program.

A similar design will be used on the American Women Quarters Program. The obverse of these coins will celebrate the contributions of American women. The new coin design will be in honor of a woman from 90 years ago. This design will be the common obverse for all of the coins in the program. The reverse of each coin will feature a woman’s portrait from her lifetime. The coin will feature an inscription inscribed by the woman herself.

Earlier this year, a small group of Instagram users shared images of the drooling Washington quarter. The users claimed that the new 2022 coin features George Washington facing the right, which is contrary to the coin’s inscription, “In God We Trust.” The users further argued that the change reflected the changing attitudes of modern society. But this change has not caused the users to stop using the coin.

Another popular design was created by sculptor Laura Gardin Fraser. This portrait of Washington facing right was originally commissioned in 1931 for the Centennial Half Dollar. Fraser’s portrait was chosen over John Flanagan’s design for the 1932 quarter. She has also sculpted the Alabama Centennial Half Dollar in 1921, and designed the 1999 gold commemorative coin marking the 200th anniversary of Washington’s death.

There are countless fakes of the year 2000 Washington quarter available on eBay. In fact, the same quarter from the same year was struck onto a Jefferson nickel, and sold on eBay for $216. On the other hand, a 2022 drooling Washington quarter can fetch as much as $13,573 if it is rare. In the end, the value of a rare Washington quarter is determined by its rarity and errors.

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