2022-P Maya Angelou Quarter Error Coin

The American Women quarter dollar program features a variety of notable women from different backgrounds. Maya Angelou was one of these notable women. She was featured on the first coin in the program, which was minted at the Philadelphia Mint and the Denver Mint. A 2022-P Maya Angelou quarter error coin was recently found in a West Virginia toll booth. The coin was subsequently sold for $5 on eBay.

The Maya Angelou Quarter is the first in the program, and it has been highly prized. Angelou is an acclaimed author, social activist, and performer. After her groundbreaking autobiography, she became a household name and published more than 30 bestselling titles. Her career spanned a variety of fields, including dance. She also appeared in off-Broadway plays, and wrote “Cabaret for Freedom” with Godfrey Cambridge. She was also a national leader, serving as the northern coordinator of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference and judging the National Book Awards.

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