1976-D Washington Bicentennial Quarter

The 1976-D Washington bicentennial quarter is reeded. The eagle’s design was replaced by a colonial revolutionary playing the drums. The design is framed by thirteen five-pointed stars on the left and UNITED STATES OF AMERICA on the top half. The inscription around the drummer boy’s head reads UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, while the lower half of the reverse is cradled counterclockwise.

The 1976-D coin has a dated reverse and is the first of the three Bicentennial quarters. The 1976 coin was minted one year earlier than the 1975 version. It was issued in two consecutive years to prevent hoarding and to ensure that the public could see the new design. The 1976 coin was designed by Jack L. Ahr, and the reverse image was chosen in an open contest by the Treasury. The coins are also regarded as rare coins, because they were produced as circulation strikes.

The Philadelphia and Denver United States Mint facilities produced over 1.6 billion Bicentennial quarters. Many United States citizens thought the coins would increase in value in the future. Some of the earliest Bicentennial quarters can even fetch up to $50, which is significantly more than the face value of 25 cents. There are many ways to find a gem uncirculated specimen of the coin. You can buy it from a local coin dealer or an online coin dealer.

In 1973, the Treasury Department announced a design competition. The National Sculpture Society appointed a panel of judges to judge the designs. Entries were submitted by any citizen of the United States. Government sculptors were excluded from the contest, however. The first trial strikes of this coin were struck at the Philadelphia Mint on August 12, 1974. The winning design was chosen by Jack L. Ahr and the other two finalists were chosen on March 6, 1974.

While collecting a bicentennial quarter, you must be aware of the differences between the different varieties. Some are better than others, and some are worth several thousand dollars. Look for a well-struck example of the 1976-D Washington quarter. These coins are more expensive than regular MS-68 quarters, but are still affordable by collectors. However, these coins have some major DDO varieties, so they may not be worth more than the face value.

The obverse of the 1976-D Bicentennial quarter features the portrait of George Washington with a broken post in the center. The reverse shows a revolutionary soldier playing the drum, with thirteen stars circling a torch above the inscription. In addition to the portrait of Washington, the coin has a mintmark to the left of Washington’s head. The motto is placed above the bust truncation. The top rim contains the words “LIBERTY.”

A 1976 Bicentennial quarter is worth more than a standard half-cent. If it’s in exceptionally nice circulated condition, it could be worth much more than $10. The date on the coin is a key part of the value of this bicentennial coin. The D mint mark is a prominent feature of many coin collections, and collectors can get good value from it. Its numismatic value has increased dramatically since its introduction in the early 1800s.

A 1976 Bicentennial quarter is among the most popular coins in the United States. It was issued alongside the redesigned half dollar coins. These coins were struck in large quantities for general circulation. The aim of this practice was to discourage collectors from hoarding them. More than one billion quarters were struck at the Denver Mint and Philadelphia Mint, with a further nine million headed for collectors. There were also several notable varieties of 1976 Bicentennial Quarters.

The 1976 Bicentennial Quarter Dollars were produced in two-year intervals, 1975-76. The copper-nickel “clad” alloy used to produce them is the same as what was used for the 1965-1970 Half Dollars. The reverse designs were also changed, and the date changed from 1776 to 1976. The 1976 Bicentennial Quarter Dollars were issued in the two-year interval between the two-year period.

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